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Golf Medicine Program helps golfers of all levels achieve their best

September 27, 2016 - TCO

Golf Medicine Program helps golfers of all levels achieve their best

Twin Cities Orthopedics has golf on its mind, and it’s not just because the Ryder Cup takes place in Minnesota in 2016. TCO’s Golf Medicine Program focuses on improving golf-related strength and conditioning, as well as increasing golf knowledge through educational presentations.

TCO’s Golf Medicine Program is integrated with the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) and inspires golfers of all levels to be their best. Our golf specialists can help you achieve your specific goals. TCO Golf Medicine packages are available to all ages and fitness levels.
Golf Medicine Program

No. 1: Golf Rehab Package (insurance-based)

TCO’s TPI-certified physical therapists will assess functional limitations and progress athletes through the rehabilitation process.

This package is ideal for individuals that are returning from injury or surgery.

No. 2: Golf Strong Packages (4 pricing options)

Training program led by TCO physical therapists who are TPI-certified and certified strength and conditioning specialists

4 package options

Par (2 sessions): $160

Birdie (4 sessions): $280

Eagle (8 sessions): $520

Albatross (12 sessions): $700

Customized home-exercise program through and Big 12 Swing Characteristics assessment with Dartfish video analysis

No. 3: Golf Fit Packages (2 pricing options)

$40/session when you purchase more than 20 sessions

$45/session when you purchase fewer than 20 sessions

  • One-on-one personal training led by a certified strength and conditioning specialist
  • Get in “golf” shape, tailored to your individual fitness goals

No. 4: Gain 10+ Yards Package ($800)

The ultimate training investment combining services from clinical, fitness and golf professionals

TCO TPI Physical Therapy Services

  • 2 golf metrics assessments (pre- and post-testing)
  • 12 weeks of TPI corrective exercises
  • Performance scores to identify limitations and asymmetries
  • Functional movement training equipment included with package

TCO Certified Strength and Conditioning Services

  • 4 “golf” fitness sessions with a certified strength and conditioning specialist
  • Improve endurance, strength and power

TCO Partner Golf Pro Services

  • Six 30-minute sessions with a PGA-certified golf pro
  • Driver fitting

TCO Partner Nutrition Services

  • Nutrition consultation with a registered dietician

Email or visit to learn more about the Golf Medicine Program.

Download Golf Medicine Program PDF