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Determining whether an individual patient will benefit from surgery is a complicated process that requires detailed information from the patient about the severity of their symptoms, the effect the symptoms are having on their lifestyle, a physical exam, x-rays and scans. Every patient is an individual and it’s possible that in two patients with identical x-rays and scans, surgery might be appropriate for one and not the other. Dr. Dick advises that, whether it is he or another surgeon who is recommending surgery, you are entitled to have the condition and treatments, along with the risks, benefits and alternatives, explained to you in terms that you understand.

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Dr. Dick keeps himself well educated on new technologies and incorporates them into his practice when they are proven safe and advantageous. Using a laser in the spine has not studied well enough to show that it has any benefits over conventional surgery. It is heavily advertised over the Internet and many of the centers where it is performed have been criticized for their poor outcomes and high complication rates.  Please see the links below and draw your own conclusions.

Laser Spine Surgery More Profitable Than Google Sees Complaints – Bloomberg News

Hulk Hogan Wrestles With Laser Spine Center in Lawsuit – Bloomberg News

Back-Surgery Center Dangled Illegal Incentives, Lawsuit Alleges – Bloomberg News

The EXCEL Orthopedic Surgery and Recovery Program is available to patients who are generally healthy but have an orthopaedic condition that requires surgery that is not typically done as an outpatient.  The surgery is done in the Crosstown Surgery Center on the third floor of the Edina – Crosstown Clinic of Twin Cities Orthopedics. Post-op patients are transported to a specially designed medical apartment a few blocks away, where there is nursing and medical staff available 24 hrs/day and 7 days a week. Because the patient is never admitted to the hospital there is a substantial cost savings and a lower risk of hospital acquired infections.  This option is particularly attractive for patients who are paying their own bills, employers who are self-insured, worker’s compensation and patients travelling to the U.S. for their medical care because the costs are less than half of what they are in the hospital.

Dr. Dick will review your questionnaires and imaging studies before contacting you. At the appointed time, he will contact you via telephone or video conference. He will ask you additional questions, review your neck or back imaging studies, discuss any previous treatments, make recommendations for additional treatments both surgical and non-surgical, lifestyle changes, exercise, and give a second opinion about non-surgical and surgical treatment recommendations made by other providers. Each consultation takes about 15 minutes and requires a prepayment of $75. This is not covered by insurance. Dr. Dick’s purpose in providing this service is that you obtain the best possible care and outcome in treatment of your spinal condition. If surgery is the best option for you, it is his hope that you will entrust him with the privilege of doing it for you.

Yes, please arrange a Virtual Spine Consultation with Dr. Dick. If after that consultation you, and he, feel that surgery is your best treatment option, then a face-to-face appointment and surgery can be conveniently arranged.

Before your Appointment

If you have already had imaging studies done, surgery recommended or have a longstanding problem, consider setting up a Virtual Spine Consultation. To set up a face to face appointment call Dr. Dick’s Care Coordinator at 952-456-7053.

After your Appointment

Dr. Dick prides himself on putting the care of his patients ahead of all else. He will work with you before, during, and after treatment, so if you have any questions or concerns following any of your appointments or surgeries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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