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November 22, 2020

Jerry F.

Dr. Dick really helped me get my life back. I’ve always been very active: running, biking, hiking, spin classes, but the aging process — specifically, the pain caused from a pinched nerve in my lower back — was preventing me from enjoying the things I like. Over the course of many months and a lot of physical therapy, I was referred to Dr. Dick to explore the options for back surgery. The first thing I noticed about Dr. Dick, was how direct his questions were. He tried to understand my pain and symptoms and had very thorough questions. He was not in a rush to get to the next patient. Rather, he explained in detail what my options were and provided illustrations and models so I could better understand where the pain was coming from.

Before meeting with Dr. Dick, I had met with two other back surgeons, neither of whom took the time that Dr. Dick did. More importantly, they didn’t inspire any confidence that they would be a good choice for my surgery. Dr. Dick did inspire that confidence. In November of 2018 he performed my surgery and gave me my marching orders: walk, walk, walk, and walk some more.

Six months after the surgery, which included fusing two vertebrae and strengthening them with rods and screws, I was riding my bike, going to spin class, and walking without pain. In my mind, the surgery was a total success. The recovery required patience, discipline, and lots of effort. Dr. Dick and his staff supported me every step of the way. I’m very grateful to Dr. Dick for helping me get my life back. He’s a great surgeon and a good man.

March 28, 2019

Charles H.

After both an ineffective surgery and post surgery treatment at another practice, I was left with 16 months of level 10 pain and immobility. I then discovered Twin Cities Orthopedics and Dr. Jeffery Dick, who suggested a surgery procedure that eliminated my pain and returned my full range of motion. THANK YOU, Dr. Dick, for your skills and dedication to your patients.

August 14, 2018

Randy W.

Only 9 months after lumbar decompression surgery, Randy W. says he’s feeling great and is seen below running sprints with his athletic trainer. The numbness and weakness in his left leg is gone, and he thanks Dr. Dick for helping him get back to health.

“About two weeks ago I started sprinting with my trainer as part of my fitness program. It isn’t the prettiest sprinting, but I am just getting started. Thanks for the great care and skill. I am thrilled with my recovery.”


September 8, 2016

Carroll R.

Dr. Dick seemed to know how to handle me from the beginning.  I was in agony, denial and yet stoic and dismissive of the seriousness until I saw the MRI.  Even I could tell I was in trouble.  He was very thoughtful about the problem and put time into thinking about the best approach. The pain was extreme and debilitating. He settled on a course of surgery, explained it to me and, I signed up.  There is a careful confidence about him and after the surgery I came to believe that he is very technically skilled.  I could tell even through the pain medications that he had done good, that the stabbing pain was gone.  A numbness is lingering where the pain was worst due to the pinched spine.  I am six weeks past the surgery and the physical therapy with another appointment in another six weeks and a year of healing and bone recovery and growth, walking exercise and fighting against gravity ahead.  I can almost abandon my cane after six weeks. Dr. Dick has a sense of humor that calmed me from the start and drew me in.  He was slow to promise because I was minimizing and macho and Germanic about how bad I was feeling. The surgery was five hours and pretty amazing. The members of his team who I met while conscious or in his office were engaging and fun; especially his scribe.  I am upright and feeling better back there every day.  Even the ten inches of stitchery got praised for its artistry by every nurse who changed the dressing.

May 27, 2016

Sharon M.

Dr. Dick, last summer I came to see you again to see what could possibly be done about my back pain that I’ve had for a number of years. I was tired of physical therapy and all the other things I’ve tried without a lot of success and asked if you could possibly come up with any other ideas short of surgery. I was practically desperate and so tired of the nagging pain. Long story short, you talked me into drinking milk, explaining that taking calcium supplements is not always the most effective way to get calcium. I don’t like milk, so you strongly encouraged me to try almond milk. So starting last summer, I started drinking 1 or 2 large glasses of almond milk a day. After several weeks or months, I started to notice the pain decreasing. Although it is not completely gone, it has decreased a lot, and I think it still is decreasing. And to top it off, I just had my bone density done again, and since a year ago, that is better as well. I did not know bone density could get better. According to the report from my doctor, it increased in my lumbar spine by 2.3% and in my left hip by 1.1%. To me, this is a small miracle! I plan to continue drinking almond milk. I hope that in time, the problem might be completely gone! (The original diagnosis was bulging disk between L4 and L5.) Thank you for such excellent advice!

February 18, 2016

Robert B.

I’ve had lower back pain for over 20 years and treated by several doctors with no lasting results. Finally, a sports medicine physician ordered an MRI and referred me to Dr. Dick at Twin Cities Orthopedics. The physician told me he had a good personal experience with Dr. Dick and I took that as a good referral.

During my first appointment, Dr. Dick showed me the X-rays that he took and explained my MRI results. He then provided his recommendations in very clear language; a refreshing conversation in plain English that was understandable. Surgery was scheduled and about 10 days later, Dr. Dick and his assistants worked while I “slept.” I was sent home from the hospital with a list of what to do and what not to do for the next 3-6 months.

For the next 12 weeks, I was not allowed to lift more than 10 pounds and he told me to walk to promote good post-surgery healing. I followed his instructions and after about 4 weeks I was walking 3-5 miles per day. 6 months after surgery and I am virtually pain free- better than I have felt in 20 years! I can run and I am back in the gym doing more aggressive workouts.

Because of Dr. Dick’s first class surgical skills and PT recommendations, I am back riding my bike, starting to play golf again, and looking forward to skiing next winter. Dr. Dick and his staff have been so professional and accessible to answer all of my questions; I can only give them my highest recommendation. And they all have a great sense of humor!

February 3, 2016

Steven B.

Hi, my name is Steve. Upon having some severe pain and back issues I came to Twin Cities Orthopedics because of how highly they are regarded. Dr. Dick performed surgery on me because I had severe pain in my legs and found it horribly difficult to walk. The difference after surgery was night and day. I cannot even begin to tell him and his staff, including Brandon W. and Tierney, how helpful and accommodating and gracious they have all been, or how grateful I am! Dr. Dick even came to see me the following afternoon after my surgery to see how I was!

Dr. Dick has been very informative, straight forward, knowledgeable, caring, concerned, and compassionate during this whole procedure.

His empathy and bedside manner is also commendable. Not that I want additional surgery in the future, but if I needed it I’d go back to Dr. Dick! I would refer anyone to him simply based on how well he treated me as a person and patient. Giving me the ability to walk again was bonus!

November 23, 2015

Jane C. D.

After being rejected for surgery at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, I was seen by Dr. Jeffrey Dick. He assured me that he could perform the necessary surgery. I felt very confident with Dr. Dick. He answered all my questions, went thru everything he would be doing and I felt very good about my choice. The difficult surgery was a complete success. Eleven months later I am still doing very well. I would highly recommend Dr. Dick for any cervical surgery.

January 5, 2015

John J.

Dr. Dick was very thorough in explaining my options, not pressing for surgery as the only option. But conditions worsened and surgery was eventually the best option. I could tell in recovery that my problem was relieved. His post op regimen was outstanding and I am looking forward to a new golf season in 2015.

December 15, 2014

Mark G.

Dr. Dick was recommended to me. I found him and his staff as described. Very professional, admirable and importantly very accurate in diagnosis and surgical outcome.

I had immediate post-surgical relief from my excruciating pain. Five weeks post-operation I was completely pain free. Six week post-operation I was able to enjoy hunting and walking in the woods.

5 out of 5 stars.

10 on a scale of 10.


I would highly recommend Dr. Dick to others.

November 3, 2014

Dwight M.

Dear Dr. Dick and staff, I want to personally thank each of you for your complete thoughtfulness, caring and concern during each one of my visits. Your thoroughness and unending search for the problem is the ultimate compliment. And for that I am forever grateful.

March 10, 2014

Scott G.

Thank you Dr. Dick, Brandon and your team! Just 5 months after my herniated L4-5 disc surgery, I had a great ski trip to Copper Mountain and Vail, Colorado. Between that trip and local skiing, I’ve only been out 12 days this season and I’ve had ZERO problems with back or leg pain. I have skied pretty intensely and feel great. I’ve been quite religious about the PT exercises prescribed to me, with no complications. After a couple of outdoor bike rides in early November, I now ride my stationary bike at home 4-7 days a week. Last summer I was concerned about my ability to be active in the future, but you can mark me in the “win” column for success with my surgery and recovery. I’m now looking forward to getting back to water skiing and biking this summer. Test

December 4, 2012

Shelby S.

When Shelby (pictured on right) learned that she had scoliosis she was happy to be receiving care from Dr. Jeffrey Dick (pictured on left) and his team at Twin Cities Orthopedics. “Fortunately Dr. Dick diagnosed me early, before things got worse,” said Shelby. “Thanks you to Dr. Dick and his staff for everything they’ve done for me,” she said.

Shelby S.

October 11, 2012

Ronaele S.

Ronaele S. (pictured on left) was thankful that she did not have any pain after her spine surgery with Jeffrey C. Dick, M.D. (pictured on right), of Twin Cities Orthopedics Edina. “Before surgery I found it painful to stand and walk,” she said, “not a good quality of life.” The morning after her surgery the physical therapist helped Ronaele stand up and “there was no pain,” she said.

Ronaele S.