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Knee and Hip Treatments Help Kim Regain Her Mobility

When Kim started experiencing knee pain, her friend advised her to see St. Croix Orthopaedics (SCO) physician Dr. Andrea Saterbak. Dr. Saterbak evaluated Kim’s knee and prescribed a round of cortisone injections. As Kim neared the end of her injection therapy, she mentioned she was also having hip pain. Dr. Saterbak ordered X-rays and immediately saw that there was arthritis in Kim’s hip joint. Kim was referred to Dr. Robert Knowlan, an SCO surgeon who specializes in hip procedures, for follow-up.

Dr. Knowlan and Kim discussed the various treatment options and it was mutually decided, given Kim’s pain level and impact on her mobility, that hip replacement was the best solution.

It’s only been a few months since surgery, but every week, Kim said she is able to see huge progress. She can now use the stairs, get up and out of a chair without pain, and is able to walk without a limp.

“The care I received was much more than I ever expected,” recalled Kim. “I received phone calls guiding me through each step from pre-surgery to post surgery. The pre-surgery appointment with the patient care coordinator was so informative and so helpful that I can’t even imagine going through surgery without it.”

Kim knew from the beginning that, at some point, joint replacements were going to happen, but the choice was hers to make as to when they would happen. She said she was pleased that she was never told what she “had” to do or what she “should” do. The options were always discussed with her thoroughly.

Her final advice is, “To anyone who needs joint replacement surgery, just go ahead and do it! You will be so happy you did.”