Andrea M. Saterbak, MD

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Dr. Andrea Saterbak Returns from the World Cup Slalom Event in Croatia


At the race course finish line, Dr. Andrea M. Saterbak (center/blue), meets with other national team doctors at Mt. Sljemme, Croatia.

SCO’s Dr. Andrea M. Saterbak, a physician consultant for the alpine US Ski Team, recently returned from a world cup slalom event in Zagreb, Croatia. The men’s and women’s teams convened for a slalom event on January 4-6, 2013. The women’s team was quite successful as a 17-year-old phenomenon, Mikaela Shifrin, won her second world cup slalom.

World championships are next month in Schladming, Austria, and Dr. Saterbak says the team looks to be strong for this event. Dr. Saterbak works closely with the team and its athletic trainer to provide medical care to the US athletes. She has been traveling with the tour for 14 years which has taken her to numerous countries in the European Alps and South America. She also works closely with the junior ski clubs and masters racers in Minnesota and Wisconsin.