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A pre-operative total joint class is available at Maple Grove and North Memorial hospitals. Anyone can attend the class – you do not have to be scheduled for surgery. Dr. Asp’s Care Coordinator, Teresa, can assist in scheduling and registration.

It is dependent on the procedure. If you have a right leg procedure, you will need to allow 4 weeks before driving. Patients also need to refrain from narcotic pain medication during the daytime/driving hours.

This depends on the job and procedure and can be discussed with Dr. Asp as well as your employer.

This is a normal side effect of narcotic use. We recommend discussing options for relief with your pharmacist.

Yes, we use current minimally invasive techniques for all knee arthroplasty.

This technique does not damage any of the muscles and may lead to a faster recovery.
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Each individual will experience different pain levels, but it is our goal to have you feeling 100% as soon as possible. To get an idea of the pain expectations for your individual case, please discuss with Dr. Asp at your appointment.

Please note that we strive to get our patients off narcotic pain medication as soon as possible. It can be needed shortly after surgery, but we do not advocate long-term use of pain medication. We take pain medication very seriously and make sure it is necessary before signing a prescription for any patient.

Yes, these are FDA approved for knee arthritis and are available in our clinic.

Weight loss can decrease joint pain and improve surgical outcomes. However, joint replacement surgery can help patients of many sizes.

The vast majority will last a patient’s lifetime. Younger and more active patients may have increased risk of loosening.

In most cases, yes. Check with your insurance provider to confirm. Specific questions can be
answered by the TCO Business Office.

After your Appointment

Some patients are able to go home early depending on different criteria and guidelines.
Consult with your physician to determine if at-home recovery is an option.