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May 17, 2019

John L.

Dr. Weiss is the most caring Dr. I have ever had. My knees are better than I could ever imagine, I would send any person I talk to that needs help to Dr. Weiss. I trust him with my life, thank you for everything he did. John L.

November 6, 2018

Connie S.

I want to thank Dr. Weiss and his entire team for such an awesome job! My knees were full of arthritis, I was bow-legged and in a ton of pain for years. I had never had surgery before and I was so scared but everyone made me feel so comfortable! I could go on and on about Dr. Weiss because he’s the best! Dr. Weiss I want to THANK YOU for giving me my life back!!!

October 9, 2017

Bill L.

Bill received a knee replacement that was custom fit to match him, and now he’s back doing what he loves ahead of schedule. Watch his video here.

June 7, 2016

Sue H.

Thank you Dr. Weiss for the great work on replacing my left knee! Last summer was a bust with the old one since it limited me. My goal was to get back on the Superior Hiking Trail along the north shore of Lake Superior and did last week. It tolerated 6-7 miles a day just fine. Keep up the great work and know you make a lot of people happy! I am going to have a great summer!

January 8, 2016

Deanna R.

For years, Deanna Rapp experienced chronic pain and swelling in her right knee. “It was so bad, it changed how I was walking,” said Rapp. The deterioration in her knee was more than just a physical change that stopped her from being active. It was affecting her sleep, her ability to drive, and her mental health.

“Deanna dealt with arthritis from a very young age,” explained Deanna’s orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Nicholas Weiss.  “She had several surgeries to clean-up her knee all without long-term benefit.”

When it was time to discuss a knee replacement, Dr. Weiss helped Deanna determine when she should have it done so she could stay active and healthy.

“He explained everything so well, and was patient and very understanding,” said Deanna. “We talked about how many days I could expect to be in the hospital, what to expect when I went home, and when I needed to follow-up with him and start physical therapy.”

Four months after her knee replacement, Deanna said she was walking her dog and able to scuba dive. “I’m so happy and thankful for my new knee,” she said.  “This is better than I could’ve imagined. I’m back to doing what I want, not what my ‘old knee’ would let me do.”

“In the past, we would tell young patients to wait to have a knee replacement because of the shorter life span of the artificial knee,” said Weiss. “Today, we have better techniques and longer lasting materials making up the knee replacement that allows us to feel more comfortable performing knee replacements in younger patients when appropriate.  If patients have exhausted conservative treatments, and their knee pain interferes significantly with their quality of life, it makes most sense to replace the knee to eliminate the pain and improve function for these young individuals so they can enjoy the prime of their life and stay healthy.”

“Deanna was an ideal patient.  We did our part surgically but it was her hard work after in PT and her positive attitude that really made the surgery a success.  It’s amazing the activities she’s able to participate in now that she has healed from her knee replacement.  She is truly inspiring!”

December 30, 2015

Sandra W.

My daughter has struggled with a couple of different sports injuries, due to her switching between low impact sports (swimming and Nordic Skiing) to running long distances. Dr. Weiss was willing to see us on short notice and was very comprehensive and thorough in his evaluation of her injuries. We were able to get her in for X-rays and bone scans to accurately diagnose the problems with which she was dealing on more than one occasion. Dr. Weiss has a comfortable, engaging rapport with his patients (and their parents) and I regularly recommend him to friends who are looking for an orthopedic physician/surgeon. I am never surprised when those friends share their positive experiences and service they received from Dr. Weiss. I highly recommend Dr. Nick Weiss to anyone looking for a personable, experienced, professional orthopedic physician/surgeon with expertise in sports medicine also.

December 14, 2015

Jim F.

Dr. Weiss repaired a rotator cuff tear and partial bicep tear in 2013, when I was 46. I recovered right on schedule, have full range of motion and full strength back in the arm, and am quite pleased with the outcome. The scar from the repair was amazingly small. From the initial diagnosis, through surgery day and through rehabilitation, it was clear that Dr. Weiss knows every aspect of this repair and healing process. He was easily accessible with questions, and always took time to talk me through what would happen next, and made sure I was following rehab protocol at all times. The results were outstanding. I have since recommended him to friends and family for similar injuries. Those reports have also been exceptional. It’s great to see this type of talent at work.

December 13, 2015

Kevin J.

After living with knee pain for several years, I fell on some ice and it made the pain unbearable. I was referred to Dr. Weiss. He listened and understood the pain I was having. Before surgery was discussed, we did try some non-surgical options but he set my expectations properly. When it was decided to move ahead with surgery, his staff walked me through everything I needed to do and know. Surgery and follow up went like clockwork and I can say I have been pain free for nearly a year. I have recommended him to several people and will continue to do so.

April 15, 2013


Desley loves sports and is no stranger to an ACL injury. In fact, she is now a veteran of two ACL reconstructions. Thanks to Dr. Nicholas Weiss and some time well spent during her recovery, she is back to team sports and is doing well.

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