Ryan D. Horazdovsky, MD

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August 20, 2020

Ben H.

I can’t say enough good things about the whole process I went through on my recent right Mako Robotic Hip Replacement compared to the old school hip replacement I had done 12 years ago on the left side. I had an amazing recovery time with my most recent hip replacement. I was up and walking around with a cane the day after the surgery and able to take short walking steps around the living room at home on the second day without the cane. Dr. Horazdovsky and his care team are amazing as well as the support team at Minnesota Valley Surgery Center in Burnsville. Best minimally invasive hip replacement anyone could go through. The more you get up and walk the faster you heal, at first you experience joint stiffness in the morning till about noon and as time goes on you experience less stiffness in the mornings. Walking on it is the key to recovery length. In my 3rd week of recovery I was up to walking about 2-3 miles in the morning and on my 5th week I was able to go back to work and stand for 10hrs a day behind CNC Machines as a machinist. 6 weeks later, I hardly ever feel anything anymore, maybe a sore hip muscle twitch now and then getting into my pickup truck, but that’s about it at 59 years old.

February 13, 2020

Marlin G.

I am an 83 year old man and on Friday, August 2nd 2019, I took a tumble and broke my left hip. My wife got me to Southdale Fairview Hospital at 5:30pm. After taking numerous X-ray’s, it was determined that I had a broken hip and would need surgery. I was checked into the hospital and taken to my room at about 8:30pm. With this being a summer weekend, I fully assumed that I would not see a surgeon until Monday, August 5th at the soonest.

The next morning, Saturday, August 3rd at 9am, two nurses came into my room telling me they need to take me down to the operating room, as I was scheduled for immediate surgery. I was totally surprised that the hospital was able to find an orthopedic surgeon for a Saturday morning surgery. My wife and my son were waiting for me at the operating room. Dr. Ryan Horazdovsky arrived right away and introduced himself to all three of us. He was very friendly and gave us the feeling that we had known him for a long time. He explained my hip was broken so badly that he had to totally replace it. I asked him how many total replacement he had done and he told me a large number, so we felt very comfortable that he was my surgeon. I went into the operating room feeling like I was really in good hands.

A few hours later I awoke with my wife and son with me. They were very impressed with Dr. Horazdovsky, who made them feel completely at ease and explained the operation went just as it should and that it was a complete success. I assumed I would awake to a lot of pain. I was given a very mild pain pill for only one or two days. After that I basically had no pain. I was up and walking on my new hip that evening and went home two days later.

Today I had my 5-month check up with Dr. Horazdovsky. He had x-ray’s taken which showed all is perfect. When my wife and I got home we said if I ever break my other hip or if she ever broke hers, we would want only Dr. Horazdovsky to be the surgeon again.