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Scott D. Anseth, MD

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Orthopedic Surgery, Board Certified Reconstructive Surgery Fellowship

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Scott D. Anseth, MD, has special medical interests that include lower extremity joint reconstruction, joint replacement, total hip revision, total knee revision, knee surgery, hip surgery, arthroscopy, fracture care, peri-prosthetic surgery, hip resurfacing, and unicompartmental knee replacement. Dr. Anseth earned his medical degree at the University of North Dakota School of Medicine, and completed his residency at McLaren Regional Medical Center, in Flint Michigan. Continuing his education, Dr. Anseth completed an Orthopedic Lower Extremity Reconstruction Fellowship at Scripps Clinic in La Jolla, California.

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Clinical Interest

Hip care, including hip resurfacing, hip joint revision, and posterior approach hip joint replacement

Knee care, including knee joint revision, knee joint replacement, and partial knee replacement


Board Certified, American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery

Fellowship in Reconstructive Surgery at Scripps Clinic in La Jolla, California

McLaren Regional Medical Center in Flint, Michigan

Medical Degree
University of North Dakota School of Medicine

Hospital & Surgery Center Affiliations

Fairview Southdale
Crosstown Surgery Center
Orthopedic Institute

Professional Affiliations

American Association of Hip and Knee Surgeons
American Medical Association
American Orthopaedic Association
Arthroscopy Association of North America
Hennepin County Medical Society
Mid American Orthopedic Society
Minnesota Orthopaedic Society

Achievements & Awards

Best Doctor for Orthopedics: Voted a top doctor for orthopedics by his peers in Minnesota Monthly (2014 – 2018)
Top Doctor: Voted a Top Orthopedic Surgeon by his peers in Mpls.St.Paul Magazine (2009 – 2023)



Operation Walk USA


heidibolgren x

Heidi Bolgren, PA-C
Certified Physician Assistant

Liz W.
Care Coordinator

Patient Testimonials

March 20, 2024


I had an amazing experience with the EXCEL Program. Steph, EXCEL RN Coordinator’s, initial phone call was caring and considerate. She arranged for an orientation to see the recovery suites with Leah Zimmerman, EXCEL Program Director, and we were so relieved and pleased. Leah was so gracious, open to answering every concern and question, and so delightfully reassuring. I also attended the pre-surgery education class. The class was so helpful and important to attend.

After my knee replacement surgery, I was taken to my room. Lauren and Caryn, my Registered Nurses, were delightful, joyful, and skilled in every way. They were personable and answered any question I had. I felt encouraged and amazed at how much I could do already, with expert coaching and support. It was such a pleasure and relief to see Dr. Scott Anseth after my procedure. He described what he did for my knee and that I should not be surprised by the bruising. I enjoyed how he demonstrated the importance of being able to straighten my leg and bend my knee when I am ready. I was so reassured that I made the right decision and that I was in the best hands for care.

My recovery continued at home with check-ins. Any “speed bump” I encountered was met with acceptance, compassion, and effective problem solving. The reception desk folks at physical therapy were always cheerful, helpful and respectful. Shoutout to all my therapists for those pre-operative exercises. Heidi, Sarah, and Jordan, were significant in my recovery.

I continue to feel so grateful for this opportunity to enhance my quality of life with a new knee. Every detail was covered every step of the way with a multitude of skills and talents, along with personal care and concern for me. Thank you, TCO!

Martha Photo

Martha Photo

August 31, 2023

Cathy H.

I had a one-year follow-up appointment with Heidi Bolgren, PA-C after having both of my hips replaced by Dr. Anseth. She gave me a glowing report and said come back in 10 years! A little over a year ago I couldn’t walk more than 20 steps without pain, and I needed to use a walker whenever I left the house (sometimes in the house too).  I couldn’t do much of anything and constantly took Advil/Tylenol. I never slept well at night due to the pain. I waddled when I walked because my legs were uneven lengths.  I turned down many social invitations because I was fairly miserable. My life was on hold.

Now I’m back to playing intense tennis twice a week, actively work in my garden digging up and replanting plants, working out a couple times of week at the gym, going on walks up to 10 miles, and standing for long periods in the kitchen. I’m doing it all without any pain and with legs that are the same length. I have no pain to keep me up at night. I can do any chore/activity around the house. And now I’M the one entertaining friends/family at my family.

Dr. Anseth gave me my life back! And not just any life, but a high-quality, super active one!  I am grateful every single day for the high quality surgical procedures and overall care I received from Team Anseth.  I will whole heartedly recommend his team to anyone who is needing hip or knee surgery.  And I’m thankful he believed that I could handle the second surgery only three months after the first one.

July 28, 2023

Kevin S.

I had my second knee replacement with Dr. Anseth in April 2022. I’m golfing better than ever and pounding the cobblestones as long as the rest of my body can handle it. I never think of my knees anymore, which pained me for 20 some years. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for learning and preforming such important work!

May 18, 2023

Sandy A.

I had my second hip replacement with Dr. Anseth and team, and I am feeling better than I have in years. I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome either time. I was impressed with each team member I worked with. There is no doubt in my mind that Dr. Anseth is the best!

Here is a photo of me celebrating my one-year hip replacement by hiking at South Mountain in Phoenix, AZ. The hiking garb is the TCO outfit I received when I had my surgery.

November 11, 2022

Katie B.

Dr. Anseth replaced both of my hips, my second hip replacement was done in April 2022. I am a pheasant hunt guide in the fall and this was the first year I was able to it pain free! I had 22 hunts in October and walked 167 miles through tall thick grass and cover! There’s no way I would have been able to do this without Dr. Anseth’s help. He and the whole TCO crew were amazing to work with!

March 28, 2022

Andrew H.

I want to thank Dr. Anseth and Heidi for their outstanding care! I was very anxious about having knee surgery but Dr. Anseth is really a great communicator and alleviated my fears. I now am about 8 weeks post-op on my second knee surgery and I am thrilled with my results. Between Dr. Anseth’s expertise and the “Wim Hoff” method I used for pain control, I couldn’t be more satisfied. Dr. Anseth came highly recommended by a family member and I have in turn recommended him to others. Thank you again Dr. Anseth and team!

March 15, 2021

Rick L.

I would like to thank Dr. Anseth and his entire team for their excellent job done on my bilateral total hip replacement in January 2021. I was in extreme pain from severe arthritis in both hips and unable to walk without canes or crutches. When I woke up after surgery, my pain level decreased to a level 2 or 3. The arthritic hip pain before hip replacement was unbearable. Today my hips are pain free, I am able to walk pain free, and will be returning to work on May 1, 2021.

Thank you again to Dr. Scott Anseth, his assistant Heidi, the entire surgery team and therapy team. I would rate the entire process of surgery, recovery, and therapy a 12 out of 10. Dr. Anseth and his entire team blew it off the map for me. Thank you!

December 18, 2020

Bob T.

Dr. Anseth did partial knee replacement surgery in 2018 on my left knee. Of the surgeons I checked out, only Dr. Anseth provided sensible options. He came highly recommended by a former patient. Then in November 2020, he did a partial knee replacement on my right knee. Now, I too, highly recommend Dr. Anseth! He is caring, genuine and a great surgeon. I am now pain-free. Also, special acknowledgement to his team members, Heidi and Jess. They were always reachable and solved whatever issue I had. I always felt secure and confident with Twin Cities Orthopedics and Dr. Anseth. Thank you to everyone!

November 22, 2020


I’ve had Dr. Anseth replace my left knee and I am happy with it. I am now scheduled to have my right one replaced. He did an awesome job with the left knee replacement and I expect that same level of care with my next replacement. I feel blessed to have one of the best surgeons the Midwest.

November 19, 2020

Kellie M.

I was about 31 when I began having hip issues. Eventually I was referred to Dr. Anseth for full hip replacement. After having twins, then losing 100lbs, the ‘fat’ was what was practically holding my hips together. I was born with hip dysplasia so they basically were not working anymore, surprising they ever did. I was experiencing excruciating bone on bone and arthritis pain. I was 33 or so by the time surgery came around and could barely walk and keep up with my 3 year old twin girls. Both hips on scans did not look good, so I had one hip replacement done. Then about 2 years later, the other hip started doing same as first one.

Dr. Anseth was AMAZING. I have seen where a lot of surgeons have no ‘bed side manner’ and he was what all patients hope for. He was kind, made a point of getting to know me… I actually was being wheeled in at Abbott to have surgery on a broken finger with a different doctor a couple years later and I saw him. As he was getting ready for another patient surgery and he stopped to say hello. Was so nice he remembered me. I am now 42 and have had several surgeries, and Dr. Anseth by far is the very best! Thanks Dr. Anseth.

November 19, 2020

Kathleen L.

Dr. Anseth was highly recommended to me for knee surgery. He replaced my left knee on August 31, 2020. I heard some interesting post-knee-surgery stories from friends in other states, and I have to say my results and rehab have been beyond expectations. No problems, great mobility, much easier to walk up and down stairs, and an overall improvement in my ability to perform daily functions. I am so grateful for his surgical talent and the fact that my knee is functioning at such a high level in less than 2 months. Thank you to Dr. Anseth, Heidi, Amber (PT) and the fantastic care team at Abbott.

November 19, 2020


Dr. Anseth replaced my left knee and I am happy with it. I am now scheduled to have my right one replaced. He did an awesome job with the left knee replacement and I expect that same level of care with my next replacement. I feel blessed to have one of the best surgeons in the Midwest.

October 19, 2020

John W.

My experience with the team at TCO has been outstanding. Partial knee replacement surgery was performed by Dr. Anseth. From the original diagnosis, right through the operation and the post-surgery follow up, everything has gone smoothly and the result has been better than expected. Prior to the operation I could not walk an eighth of a mile without considerable pain. Two months after surgery I was able to take a two mile trek through Lebanon Hills park. No cane, no pain.

Much of the credit for my speedy recovery goes to Jeff LaPanta, the TCO physical therapist who has overseen the rehab of my knee. Jeff is a very knowledgeable, personable, friendly guy who is great to work with and who obviously really enjoys working with people and seeing them reach their goals.

October 2, 2020

Philip B.

Excellent experience from start to finish. From the pre-surgery information meeting all the way through my 8-week post-surgery follow-up, I remained happy. I have already referred two people to Dr. Anseth and will continue that practice. Thanks!

May 26, 2020

Cynthia F.

I am truly grateful for Dr. Anseth, Heidi and his entire team. I had the pleasure of being in the EXCEL Program and am thrilled to share that this program, Dr. Anseth and his team are second to none. The entire process from when I first met him to the successful recovery of my hip replacement was all very smooth. As one who has not had a lot of surgeries I was a bit nervous when I made the decision to get my hip replaced. But, I knew I was in the hands of a very capable and highly competent surgeon who has hired the best team. TCO has the EXCEL process down to a science. In every step of the way I felt like a patient that they valued from beginning to end. Pain management was highly mastered. The entire team is all very knowledgeable and highly professional. Dr. Anseth IS a Top Doctor! Today I walk with no pain. I thank him for restoring the quality of my life and being the awesome doctor that he is! It is an honor to endorse him and his practice. TCO is second to none!

January 24, 2020

Damon P.

Dr. Anseth replaced my hip when I was in my early 40’s. This procedure gave me my life back. Only thing I would have done different is to have this done sooner!

September 23, 2019

Tess K.

Outstanding results! I had both knees replaced with one year between the two procedures. Along with a terrific outcome, Abbott Northwestern Hospital had a great protocol which at the time included acupuncture for those interested. I felt I was in the best hands and that Dr. Anseth crafted my knees to be a perfect fit!

August 15, 2019

Robert P.

Dr. Anseth has performed 3 separate joint replacements for me over 9 years, including both hips and right knee. I would highly recommend him as the physician of choice in replacement surgery. I have no issues with any of the joint replacements and continue to enjoy a full, active lifestyle at 79.

April 4, 2019

Sylvia B.

On a five week trip to Italy, I was planning to go grape stomping like Lucy on “I Love Lucy” television show. I was also to walk the Cinque Terre. Thirty days before my fearless adventure, where I was to do all the driving, I woke up and could not walk!!

Your new Eagan TCO Orthopedic Urgent Care service put me in the care of Dr. Laura Koch. She revealed that I did not need a hip replacement in the next hour. Her correct diagnosis put me in touch with Patti Knudsen, receptionist at TCO physical therapy department. Patti understood that I was in acute pain with upcoming travel plans. My travel agenda was not the best for her schedule, but she made it work.

Enter therapist, Paul Breyen, who designed a program so great that he and Brie Dahl had me walking in thirty days. Once on my trip I continued the recommended exercises. So in Rome, I could walk 23,000 steps a day, run up and down the Spanish Steps. I did not take a tour bus but walked to all the attractions. At St. Peter’s Basilica, I gave thanks that I could feel so great at age 78. At Trevi Fountain, I was pleased to “return” feeling as good as I did when I first visited there at the age of twenty-two!

Today the TCO home exercise program keeps me in shape for the very important grandmother JOB. Additionally, I just spent a month in Mexico with visits from two active granddaughters (one a captain of Minnetonka’s track team, one on Minnetonka’s State Girls Championship Soccer Team). There are no couch potatoes here. The enjoyment of keeping up with snorkeling, swimming and walking the beach with your grandchildren is a blessing!

My journey of marvelous care from TCO started with Dr. Scott Anseth. Additionally, Heide Bolgren, PA-C, has twice treated me with outstanding results. All your great attention makes me happy and healthy.

Last week I climbed Superstition Mountain in Arizona. My bucket list is long, so stay tuned for updates.


March 20, 2019

Sharon L.

I’m a 75 year-old (previously active) female and needed a full knee replacement, which Dr. Anseth performed in September of 2018. Thanks to his skill and the wonderful physical therapy I received at TCO, I was able to fly to the mountains of central Mexico on 2/1, and successfully and without pain, walk 3-4 miles per day for six weeks, up and down the foothills on consistently uneven and sometimes treacherous surfaces.

I had the other knee replaced elsewhere some years before, unsuccessfully, so was very apprehensive to do this second knee. Dr. Anseth’s excellent listening skills, reassurance about anesthesia, a phone call to me the night prior to surgery and his deep and up-to-date knowledge in this field, moved me forward with confidence. I am very grateful to have a different and very positive outcome.

March 5, 2019

Melissa K.

I found out at the age of 36 that I would only feel better with a double hip replacement due to osteoarthritis in both of them. I was walking with bone on bone hips. Turned down at first by other orthopedic doctors because of my age, I cried because I couldn’t do many activities with my 2 children, then 1 and 3 because of pain. Fast forward to meeting Dr. Anseth finally in April of 2018 and hearing he was going to help me made me want to cry tears of joy because he knew I had a lot of pain and 2 young children and a lot of life left! I got my right hip replaced July 2018, my left one replaced October 2018, and with all this snow we’ve had, got to take my now 2 and 4 year old’s sledding for the first time, pain-free because of him. I have a job standing up, so now I can do that without pain too! I am so grateful that I had a wonderful surgeon at TCO help me get my life back as a mom and wife to the 2 greatest kids and supportive husband, and do activities with them. I will be 38 this month and I have had a much better winter this year than last because of him and the great staff at the Edina location. Haven’t tried ice skating quite yet…..

March 3, 2019

Ben W.

I’ve been a bit of a jock since my teen years. Not a great athlete, but a very competitive one, always looking for ways to improve my game — or at least my gear. Over the years I made many friends on the soccer fields, ice rinks and mountain bike trails of Minnesota. I was still enjoying a wide range of physical activities well into my 50’s. Then, one by one, I was forced to abandon them as increasing hip pain and decreasing range of motion took their toll. I gave up downhill skiing in 2014. Put away my inline skates in 2015. Did my last mountain bike circuit in 2016. Completed my last road bike commute in 2017.

Last year I had to quit the sport that has given me the most joy (and likely the major cause of my hip joint deterioration). I’ve been playing hockey since grade school. Stopped pucks for four years at the Academy of Holy Angels and made the St. John’s University varsity as a freshman. I played on and off for the next few decades, then rediscovered the game in my mid-40’s. I began playing two or three times a week, year round. I had to relearn my position, adopting the butterfly style of goal tending, to accommodate new equipment and keep up with the mostly younger and more skilled players. It was great fun to share this passion with friends and family.

Then, last year, it became more difficult to hold the V-stance and even harder to get up after dropping into the butterfly. And the hip pain grew more acute. It was affecting my daily life – it was difficult to get in and out of cars, difficult to put on shoes, difficult to get down on the floor and play with my grandson. On a brother’s recommendation, I met with Dr. Scott Anseth at TCO in July. He found serious deterioration in both hip joints. I needed total hip arthroplasties.

Dr. Anseth replaced my left hip in early December 2019; the right hip about seven weeks later. The surgeries went very well. I was up on my feet, walking with the aid of a walker, within a few hours after the anesthesia wore off. Began taking the stairs without a cane within a few days. Was off most of the pain meds and back at work a few days later.

Rehab went smoothly. Within three weeks of each surgery, I was playing pickleball, a less physically demanding sport I’d taken up last summer to stay fit. Within six weeks, I was back on the ice, taking the first few careful strides toward my ultimate post-surgery goal: playing hockey on my 60th birthday in June.

For now I am content to be working toward that goal. I’ve been playing pickleball a few times a week since early March. On a trip to Luxembourg last month, I enjoyed several all-day hikes and one glorious morning on a rented mountain bike. I dusted off my inline skates and road bike and went for a few spins last week. Whether or not I am able to achieve my hockey dream this summer, it’s great to be pain-free and back in the game.

November 27, 2018

John D.

I had a Total Knee Arthroscopy in 2016 in Cleveland and it never healed completely. That surgeon’s staff kept telling me I just needed more PT. So I did it. By 2018, I couldn’t take the pain any longer and was referred to TCO. The surgeon that saw me immediately referred me to Dr. Anseth. I was scared. The first surgery and recovery had caused me so much swelling and pain. Dr. Anseth and his wonderful PA Heidi told me that my original replacement was loose and it’s movement was wearing away the top of the bone on my calf.  They moved their schedule around to get me into surgery in less than 30 days, which is very fast and uncommon in orthopedic surgery. Dr. Anseth made it work and after first seeing him in May, I had my revision surgery by June 1!

Recovery was difficult. Apparently I have a minor bleeding disorder which I found about through a referral from Dr. Anseth. According to him, I has more post-surgical bleeding than any other patient he has ever worked on. Let me tell you, blood where it’s not supposed to be, hurts a lot. Dr. Anseth and Heidi were concerned for my recovery and followed it very closely, meeting with me often. It was such a different experience than I had with my first surgeon. They didn’t belittle me or condescend when I complained about severe pain even 3-months after the surgery. They worked with a pain clinic to ensure I got the relief I needed. Their compassion never stopped even when it appeared that my recovery was not going as it did with most of their other patients. Dr. Anseth’s work however, is not just technically accurate and by the book. He took into consideration the fact that I was born with legs turned inward which, though corrected as a child, caused the structures around my knees to be somewhat uncommon. The first surgeon didn’t do anything “wrong”, but he didn’t take this into consideration, and installed the implant as he would with any other patient.

During my revision, Dr. Anseth took more than twice the normal amount of time fitting and refitting my revision implant. He is the first to say that there is science and best practice procedures to follow, but he very much relies on whether or not the implant “FEELS RIGHT.” He’s and artist as much as he is an engineer and physician.

After 5 months the pain subsided and the knee healed. The leg is still a bit weak, but getting stronger all the time. It was a rough road but I can say that with any other surgeon I may have given up, and I’m am not sure this second implant would have worked. I was a hard case, but Dr. Anseth and Heidi were up to the challenge and I will be forever grateful.

March 3, 2018

John H.

At age 65, my right knee had deteriorated to a point where I was in constant pain. My activities were quite limited and I knew I needed a knee replacement. After thoroughly researching alternative surgeons, I interviewed Dr. Anseth and instantly chose him – his web site was great and he was even better in person! I could not be happier with my choice. The surgery was smooth and the recovery was exactly as predicted. In fact, several times I checked in with Heidi on progress and other questions, and her predictions on recovery events were consistently accurate. Now, one year later, the new knee has passed all tests in flying colors. I’m walking the golf course, skiing double black diamond runs and participating in fitness classes with no pain and incredibly few limitations (no running, box jumps or jumping rope, but otherwise all is good).

I particularly appreciated both Dr. Anseth and Heidi’s attitudes of flexibility in my permitted activities, which allowed resumption of sports at levels even better than pre-surgery (since there’s no pain). I’m fortunate to have experienced a lot of excellent medical providers (and some not so good) and am delighted to report that Dr. Anseth and his whole team reside in the top category. Fortunately, I don’t need my other knee repaired and don’t plan on any revisions to this one. But if I ever needed another surgery, I would choose Dr. Anseth and his team – hands down without reservation – to assure they were on it.

April 21, 2017

Theresa W.

On 6/7/16 I had a total hip replacement of my left hip. TCO did an outstanding job from start to finish. At 62, I was not especially interested in convalescing in a hospital setting. The surgery suites provided the perfect alternative. In fact, I wanted to stay longer. Dr. Anseth and the entire TCO/EXCEL team was the ideal group for my hip replacement procedure. What I most appreciated was their positive attitudes and the realistic expectations they laid out for me. They expected my recovery to take about 6 weeks and it did. They were always encouraging and answered promptly any of my questions/concerns (even when they were silly – i.e. how soon can I get a pedicure) If I should need any future orthopedic surgeries, TCO/EXCEL will be the program for me.

January 18, 2017

Terry W.

On 6/7/2016 I had a total hip replacement of my left hip. TCO did an outstanding job from start to finish. At 62, I was not especially interested in convalescing in a hospital setting. The surgery suites provided the perfect alternative. In fact, I wanted to stay longer. 🙂

Dr. Anseth and the entire TCO/EXCEL team was the ideal group for my hip replacement procedure. What I appreciated most was their positive attitudes and the realistic expectations they laid out for me. They expected my recovery to take about 6 weeks and it did. They were always encouraging and promptly answered any of my questions/concerns.  If I should ever need any future orthopedic surgeries, TCO/EXCEL will be the program for me!

July 11, 2016

Jody K.

Excellent experience! I was home in one day and I never required use of a walker or cane. Went back to hot yoga five times per week after my six week check up. Pain free! I hiked in Europe (Corsica and Sardinia) less than six months after replacement. It was a 15 day trip with 4-7 hours of hiking per day.

Remarkable! Great care from a great team!

* Jody was a participant in TCO’s EXCEL Program and had a hip replacement with Dr. Anseth.

May 2, 2016

Jeffrey C.

I found the hip replacement to be a very worthwhile surgery, and the EXCEL Program has produced one of the best recoveries I have ever experienced.

* Jeffrey had a total hip replacement with Dr. Anseth and was a participant in TCO’s EXCEL Program.

February 7, 2016

Angela D.

When deciding the best course of action for my knee replacement surgery, I chose the TCO EXCEL Program for several reasons.

It was very important to me that I minimize the risk of complications from such an invasive surgery. Dr. Anseth explained to me that there was a lower percentage of risk of infection by having my surgery at the Twin Cities Orthopedics Surgery Center rather than at a traditional hospital. In addition, I would not need to spend the first day or two in the hospital prior to going to an extended care facility. The EXCEL Program allowed me to be transported directly from the surgery center to the extended care facility. This enabled me to begin physical therapy literally immediately and shortened my overall length of stay.

While in the extended care facility, I received excellent care! I was monitored twenty-four hours a day. My pain level was monitored closely, taken seriously, and addressed immediately. Everyone I dealt with was kind, respectful, and understanding. A real class act!

To my husband and I, the best part came after I returned home. Everything (and I mean EVERYTHING), was included into one bill! This saved us so much time consuming paperwork and frustration. This was extremely convenient.

I would definitely recommend the EXCEL program!

March 26, 2015

Sheila M.

I had no real pain in the hip area, rather my back. Thinking I needed to go to physical therapy. X-rays proved that my hip had dissolved, much to my shock. Dr. Anseth said he had no idea how I walked ! I had totally hip replacement on Thursday and went to work on Monday. Missing only a day of work. I can’t recommend this great doctor enough. I am a great walking advertisement for his great work. Also I didn’t need pain killers for work..

January 20, 2015

Don K.

I recommend Dr. Scott Anseth to everyone I know that has knee problems. I had replacements of both knees 5 years ago, have no pain. I play softball year-round. It has changed my life as far as activities and moving around.

January 11, 2015

Brad S.

Dr. Anseth is the best. I had severe swelling and pain from my injury and he saw me on a Saturday (his day off) and did everything possible to aid in my recovery.

December 6, 2012

Jack R.

Jack R. said that his hip surgery “changed his life,” and couldn’t have been happier with the excellent care he received from Scott Anseth, MD. Before surgery, hip pain kept Jack awake at night and prevented him from enjoying his favorite outdoor activities, such as hunting and fishing. “After surgery, the dull aching pain that I was experiencing was gone,” he said. “It was amazing.”Shortly thereafter his flexibility returned and simple tasks such as putting on socks became easy again. Four weeks after surgery Jack was traveling again for work and felt great. “I can now enjoy outdoor activities again,” he said. “My sons are having trouble keeping up with me when pheasant and deer hunting!”

Jack R.

December 4, 2012

Joni C.

“You’re so young!” That was the overwhelming response Joni C. received from almost everyone when discussing her hip issues. “All of those concerns were put to rest after my first visit to Twin Cities Orthopedics and Dr. Anseth. The staff took the time to listen to me and then to explain all of my options,” she said (pictured left to right: Dr. Anseth, Joni, Heidi Bolgren, PA-C, Patti D., Clinical Assistant, Matt V., Athletic Trainer). Dr. Anseth and his staff explained all treatment options to Joni and addressed her concerns about overall quality of life. “I left that day with all of the information I needed to make an informed decision,” she said. A few weeks later, Joni decided to proceed with a hip replacement. “From that day everything moved smoothly and without a hitch, unlike my hip,” she said.While her recovery exercises were a challenge, Joni is glad she put in the effort to complete them. “I have diligently done all of my exercises, even when they were a bit tough, and have had wonderful results so far,” she said. She is looking forward to spending her next birthday in Florida, “walking on the beach, pain free.”

October 11, 2012

Marjorie S.

Marjorie S. had bilateral total knee replacements performed by Dr. Anseth (pictured) and was very pleased with the results. “I couldn’t have asked for a better experience than what I have had with Dr. Anseth, Twin Cities Orthopedics and the Joint Replacement Center,” said Marjorie. “The pre-surgical education and information is comprehensive, yet easily understood. Everyone was willing to take the time to address any concerns,” she said. “I’ll be telling everyone where they should go for their orthopedic concerns.”

Anseth Marjorie edited

March 7, 2012

Gerilyn W.

“I was 43 years old and had been suffering from bilateral hip osteoarthritis for several years,” said Gerilyn W. of Stillwater (pictured on left). “I was having much difficulty with activities of daily living.” She decided to have both of her hips replaced over a six week period, by Scott Anseth, MD (pictured on right). “I not only gained new hips with no more chronic pain, I get my life back! Now, I can do anything and everything with no limitations,” she said.As a result of the surgeries and rehabilitation experience at the joint replacement, Gerilyn is now “paying it forward” to new patients by volunteering at the joint replacement surgery center where she had our surgery performed.

March 7, 2012

Jonathan P.

Jonathan P. of Deephaven had a total hip replacement procedure performed by Scott Anseth, MD. “One day while driving my leg went numb,” he said. Upon calling Twin Cities (pictured left to right: Heidi Bolgren, PA-C, Dr. Anseth, Jonathan, Patty F.), Jonathan was scheduled for a next day appointment with Dr. Anseth and “he had me scheduled for surgery ten days later,” he said. “I feel great, better than I have in 15 years.”

Anseth Jonathan edited

February 28, 2012

Mary Jo D.

Mary Jo D. (pictured on right) of Bloomington recently had a total hip replacement performed by Scott Anseth, MD (pictured on left). “I never felt I was being rushed in and out” of my appointment said Mary Jo. “Dr. Anseth addressed all of my concerns and made sure he answered all of my questions,” she said. He “has strong communication skills” and great bedside manner.

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