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TCO strength and conditioning, personal training: We’ve got you covered

February 27, 2017 - TCO

TCO strength and conditioning, personal training: We’ve got you covered

Fitness shouldn’t feel like a chore; it should be fun! Plus, it should be flexible instead of one size fits all. The strength and conditioning specialists at Twin Cities Orthopedics believe in that approach, too.

Strength and conditioning services, along with personal training, are available at our Maple Grove and Eden Prairie locations in spacious, comfortable and energetic settings. Each space offers plenty of room for workouts so individuals won’t feel cramped or slowed down.

Strength and conditioning

Ryan Schlinger, CSCS, and Jessica Schultz, PTA, CPT, in Eden Prairie and Steve Thorkildson, Ex. Phys., in Maple Grove work with individuals or small groups on weight training, performance optimization, muscle endurance and sport-specific training.

Strength and conditioning exercises are tailored for specific joints, muscle groups or sports for individuals and teams.

Personal training

Every workout is customizable to help individuals of all ages and abilities focus on weight loss, nutrition and full-body strengthening. Our experts teach proper form and put emphasis on core engagement and wellness maintenance.

Wolfgang Greiner, 61, has worked out with Schlinger in Eden Prairie for more than two years, and has lost more than 40 pounds in the process.

“I’m in the best shape that I’ve been in in more years than I can recall,” said Greiner, who participated in a 100-mile mountain bike race last summer. “I’m able to do things like that because of Ryan and his great training. He’s just been super.”

Training is available for everyone ages 10 and up. It’s not uncommon to see high school athletes, professionals in the 9-to-5 grind and retired individuals all enjoying the workout space to achieve their own specialized goals and results.

TCO has all of the equipment for resistance, cardio, sports-specific and dryland training. And workouts fly by! Before you know it, the session’s over and you had just had a ton of fun while giving it your all!

“I can’t say enough about the success that comes out of this,” Greiner said. “I’m getting results, and I’m thrilled with it.”



Meet our team


Ryan Schlinger, CSCSRyan Schlinger, CSCS

  • Certified strength and conditioning specialist
  • 10-plus years’ experience
  • Energetic approach to developing a personalized program
  • Pushing you to the next level of performance through progressively challenging workouts
  • Goal-oriented and results-driven
  • Location: Eden Prairie
  • Contact: (952) 456-7472 or [email protected]


Jessica Schultz, PTA, CPTJessica Schultz, PTA, CPT

  • Two-time Olympian in curling
  • Certified personal trainer and licensed physical therapist assistant
  • More than nine years’ experience in orthopedic sports physical therapy
  • Functional movement based and injury prevention training
  • Full-body fitness
  • Location: Eden Prairie
  • Contact: (952) 456-7472 or [email protected]


Steve Thorkildson, Ex. Phys.Steve Thorkildson, Ex. Phys.

  • In-depth education with a degree in exercise physiology
  • Eight years of personal training expertise helping clients of all ages and ability levels
  • Holistic, customized programs developed for your specific needs and goals
  • Well-balanced, enthusiastic workouts to keep you energized, motivated and on track
  • Post-physical therapy injury-prevention training
  • Location: Maple Grove
  • Contact: (763) 639-5891 or [email protected]