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September 3, 2020

Amy B.

I fell on the ice on January 20, 2020 and ended up with a massive rotator cuff tear and bicep tear. I went to another provider first and was told my injury was "unfixable.” They told me I would need a total reverse shoulder replacement and that my golfing life is done! These were not words or results I could live with. A friend recommended TCO and I was lucky enough to get paired with Dr. Klassen. Dr. Klassen took the time to really explain the extent of my injuries and what my options were to fix them. He knew that if he couldn't repair my rotator cuff, he could rebuild it. I had surgery on June 4th. When I woke up he told me that my tendon, although severely retracted, had been flexible and allowed him to repair the cuff. I had minimal pain right after surgery and am now 12 weeks post-op. My range of motion is really good. I just started strength training and I am back to putting and chipping (off a tee) already! Dr. Klassen is approachable, friendly, funny, and takes the time to explain and answer all questions. He is a wonderful surgeon. I highly recommend him and TCO.