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April 12, 2019

Beth B.

I have had 13 surgeries from Twin Cities Orthopedics (TCO) and multiple other non-surgical treatments from TCO! Dr. Karlstad and his team have treated my multiple elbow, thumbs and shoulder issues with multiple injections, some surgery and physical therapy. Dr. Saterbak and her team treated both knees with injections, scopes, surgery, partial knee replacement followed by physical therapy. Dr. Vargas and his team have treated both feet (cyst, plantar fasciitis, ankle instability), followed up with physical therapy. With all of the visits to TCO, I was treated like a family member by all. They are hands on doctors, verifying motions, pain, etc. They follow conservative treatment, follow up regularly to keep track of progression and never rush through appointments. Dr. Saterbak even requested blood tests to rule out Lymes, arthritis, etc. I’ve been to other Orthopedic clinics where the doctor has you fill out a form in the waiting room and doesn’t even read it and the appointment ends without even checking joints, location of pain, and more. Physical therapy at TCO is top of the line compared to other areas I’ve been to for therapy. They have so many options, equipment, and the therapists are all very knowledgeable. When you go, they are prepared for you and the treatments are personalized for you. They use every minute of your therapy time on you and truly want you to recover. Thanks to TCO, I’ve returned to usual actives (pain free) more than 13 times and currently on the road to recovery from my latest foot surgery! I have referred so many family and friends as I know they will be treated right!