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August 19, 2019

Carmine I.

I am a very active individual (75 years young) who was in tremendous hip pain in early March 2018 and I was looking for a hip surgeon who specialized in the anterior method of complete hip replacement. In doing my research attempting to identify a surgeon, our daughter-in-law (an ex-Mayo physician) passed along the name of Dr. David Hartigan. In my initial consultation with Dr. Hartigan, I was very pleased with his communication & medical skills. I felt extremely comfortable in all our discussions in every aspect of the procedure – Dr. Hartigan & I discussed exactly how/what was going to occur in the operating room; we reviewed all expectations relating to my hip pain, post-surgery do’s & don’ts and finally, I felt fabulous having Dr. Hartigan by my side in pre-surgery prep, during surgery and post-surgery. That evening after the left hip was completely replaced, all of my pain was totally gone and I was up walking around the floor. Also, in December 2018, Dr. Hartigan performed a right hip replacement with the very same positive results. I feel totally confident that I can refer Dr. David Hartigan to any patient that presents with severe hip pain for a complete hip replacement. He is an outstanding hip surgeon, has great communication skills, awesome medical skills and is a very fine person. His grateful patient, Carmine