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December 10, 2019

Caroline B.

It happened so fast! Wham, I fell forward hitting my right shoulder on the pavement/curb. ER trip indicated multiple bone fractures on my upper right humerus. My call to TCO was "I want the best shoulder doctor available". Enter Dr. Jason Dieterle and his fabulous team. Surgery was scheduled 4 days out at Lakeview Hospital. The surprise was that it was actually shattered and the doc had to remove fragments of bone before inserting a plate held together with pins. Seven months later, a pin pulled out of the bone and scans indicated that the bone would not mend. A second surgery was scheduled to remove plate and pins which were replaced by reverse shoulder equipment. Through all the pain and rehabilitation and dealing with my disappointment about an added surgery, Dr. Dieterle and his team consoled and encouraged me. I am so grateful. I got the best shoulder doctor plus his fantastic team.