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December 26, 2020

Casey E.

I had intense back pain for years. I wasn’t seeing a lot of results with physical therapy alone, despite following the recommended therapy exercises. Then Dr. Ash said I’d be a good candidate for the MedX program and I am so thankful for that recommendation. Once I began working with Dr. Biewen and his team - using the machines and implementing core exercises - things really started improving. It took a couple of weeks in the program and I progressively got better. I went from excruciating pain in everyday tasks, to running, working out, hiking, driving in the car for as long as I want, etc. There are no restrictions now. I highly recommend this program to anyone who is suffering with lower back issues. I’m glad that I was pointed in this direction. If it wasn’t for Dr. Biewen, his team, and the MedX program, I would still be in a lot of pain.