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August 12, 2019

Catherine D.

I have been seeing Dr. Michael Johnson for a couple of years now and trust him fully. When I went to my first appointment with him, I was impressed with the fact he listened to me and did not just dismiss what I told him about my symptoms. He was genuine and took quite a bit of time with me. He has shown great compassion when I have returned, again listening to my every word when explaining what was going on. When there was a question of whether I should have surgery on the affected shoulder or not...we discussed in detail both surgery and recuperation period. He wasn't pushing surgery, which I admired, and suggested different ways of taking care of the problem. He also took into consideration what was happening in my life at the time and discussed in detail how I was doing. He was genuine in his concern and I could feel that warmth from him. He always gave me his complete attention when I was there and I would trust him with my life.