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May 1, 2019

David B.

My name is David and I had full hip replacement surgery on February 11, 2019. As a professional painter for over 35 years, one can imagine the physical toll my job requires of my body. From climbing ladders to fitting into small spaces coupled with the fact I'm 62 years old and 6'5," my hip had finally had enough. After having severe hip pain for some time I consulted with the doctors at TCO and it was decided a full hip replacement was necessary to get me back to my daily routine. Dr. Nicholas Weiss M.D. was my surgeon and he guided me through the surgery process which put my mind at ease. Dr. Weiss has an amazing resume with many success stories to match. My surgery was no different and I consider it a success. After a few days of recovery I consulted with physical therapists Ginny Borrman and Angelina Erickson. My physical therapists were with me during all of my therapy. They eased me into the therapy and pushed me when I needed it. They encouraged me to stay with the plan which I knew was the best way to get back to my normal way of living the quickest. Ginny and Angela's hands-on approach was invaluable. Their efforts didn't go unnoticed and I'm thankful for their hard work, which I know had an important hand in ensuring my surgery was a success. I'm not one to sit around and rest, and I was determined to get on my feet as soon as I could. Each and every week post surgery I saw and felt markedly improved. Before my surgery my son Jon, who lives in Colorado, purchased me a skiing season pass. We were both disappointed that the surgery would not allow me to ski, especially at the level skiing in Colorado requires. However, 61 days later, April 12, 2019, I traveled to Colorado and was able to ski with my son and daughter in-law in Winter Park, Colorado. Now, I'm sure Dr. Weiss and physical therapist Ginny Borrman and Angela Erickson cringed and most likely would not have advised me to do this, but I was determined. I want to thank everyone at TCO for their tremendous professionalism and dedication in what they do. Without each of them there is no way I could feel the way I feel to this day and, of course, no way I could have skied in Colorado so soon after surgery. Sincerely, David