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March 29, 2019

Diane M.

In November of 2018, I fell while running. I sprained my wrist and sustained a concussion. One month later, I collapsed in my home, broke my collarbone in four places, got another concussion, plus the unpleasant gift of vertigo. Needless to say, this was an unexpected and disruptive experience to my very busy life. I enjoyed yoga, lifting weights, and running. Now I was required to lay low and heal. My life was a little unclear at the time, due to the concussions. I was referred to Dr. Adam Bakker. I was impressed that he approached me in a person-centered way; interested in what was important to me instead of just important for me. Likely knowing I was struggling from the concussions, he was very thoughtful and thorough as he explained the surgical process to me ahead of time, at the time of the surgery, and during the after care process. Because I had broken my collarbone in four places, I was pretty uncomfortable. He and TCO scheduled me for surgery right away at TCO Eagan - Viking Lakes. That is a very wonderful facility. Even though he was a very busy man, Dr. Bakker made me feel like his time with me was important and that I was important. Dr. Bakker was aware of my desire to return to my previous activity level. He was sensitive about this, letting me know I couldn’t resume these activities right away since I had to allow my body time to heal, but also letting me know I would get my activities back after I healed. Today, I am back. I am grateful, stronger and better for my experience. Because of Dr. Bakker, I was able to return to my previous activity level. I am running, riding bike, lifting weights, and even doing down dog in yoga class. He was right - I would get what was important to me, my activities, back. Thank you, Dr. Bakker and thank you, TCO for having a true professional him in your employ!