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February 5, 2016

Elizabeth L.

The surgical team was phenomenal and everyone left me feeling confident and well cared for. I especially appreciated that my best friend was able to be with me up until it was time to roll into the operating room. It was such a big help in reducing that intensely anxious pre-operating feeling! After surgery I was able to recover at the EXCEL center instead of the hospital. I absolutely recommend that to anyone who is able to qualify. I couldn’t get over the superb care and quiet, peaceful environment. Thank you Justina and company! You are all fantastic! And it meant a lot to me that Dr. O’Neill came to see me that eve (surgery day) and walked with me a bit. It is such a great feeling that my doctor is as excited about these results as his patients are. And yes, I was up walking with my walker in just hours after my surgery. I went from walker to a cane within a few days, and within a week and a half, I no longer needed the cane. By one month post-op I was walking 3-4 miles each day and back to work. Throughout the rest of the summer and fall I averaged 35-40 miles a week walking with no pain. Not exaggerating even a little, Dr. O’Neill and his great staff have given me back the ability to enjoy my family, friends and work. There is no way to express what it means to me to be able to move, sleep and have more energy for anything I want to do without constant exhausting pain. And such a gift to have my life back so swiftly with no need for extensive physical therapy, no extensive scarring from muscles being cut and so much less pain than I imagine a traditional approach would have generated. Heartfelt thanks to all of you! You are the best!