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April 10, 2019

Gloria K.

My passion for life is to maintain a healthy, vibrant lifestyle. At 58 years of age, I was used to running, playing tennis, hiking, biking, and working out to stay in shape. In particular, as I approached later middle life, I believe that these activities were essential for mental, physical and emotional well being. When I went to Dr. Anderson, I could only walk 2 blocks and never knew if my left knee would bear my weight as I took a step. What a far cry from the active lifestyle I enjoyed a short time before. I have 10 grand kids and my goal in life is to instill in them the joy of exercise and participating in some sort of sporting events. I am currently encouraging them to learn to play golf, a life-long sport. Dr. Anderson's goal for my left total knee replacement was to enable me to return to the active life and be able to participate again in the sports that were so crucial to my well being. I had the TKR in October 2010. Physical therapy was extremely hard, but no pain no gain, I believed, and so I gave it my all and now have a left knee that is stronger than ever. Now I am at 67 years of age, I am looking at a TKR of my right knee in May 2019. Osteoarthritis has created bone on bone with no cartilage and my meniscus is torn and thinned out. Of course, I returned to Dr. Anderson for his opinion, and we decided that I was a candidate for a TKR of my right knee. I will have this surgery in just a few weeks from now and couldn't find a better surgeon than Dr. Anderson. Because of the success of the first surgery, I am very optimistic that after this surgery, I will again be able to pursue my goals for myself and my grandchildren. They need a role model for healthy sports at all ages of life! Dr. Anderson makes that possible for me and for his many other patients.