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May 26, 2020

Grant R.

Dr. Clair and his team are God-like in their behavior, actions, explanations, bedside manner, care and attention to duty. He goes above and beyond as a human being. Dr. Clair is a well-versed, scientific, calm, kind, strong, caring Orthopedic Physician and I have been blessed to have shared part of my life with him and his team. Everything they do comes from a place of love. And every encounter on this journey of 'earth school's lessons and obstacles' is heaven sent as Dr. Clair and his team leave me better, stronger, brighter, more knowledgeable, more loved than any human deserves. If you have not had the privilege and honor, or time to meet the dream team in Dr. Clair Clair, Kamryn, Deanna and Katie you are truly missing out on one of life's TREASURES. If you never felt what it's like to be in HEAVEN then breathe, open your eyes, listen and be in the presence of Dr. Clair and his team. May God bless the healing power of knowledge, love, experience, care, kindness, patience, virtue, serenity and peace that Dr. Clair and his team provide to the UNIVERSE.