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November 22, 2020

Greg A.

Last October, I decided it was time to get my knee fixed. I met with Dr. Ciegler at the Osceola, WI hospital. From the first meeting, he and Shaun we're impressive. The answers were great and the risks and options were carefully explained to me. I proceeded with my surgery on October 14th. Everything was amazing within a couple of days of surgery and I was far better off than before my replacement. Unfortunately, things went sideways due to issues that we're no fault of anyone. It was an infection. I was then part of the 1% club that picks up an infection from somewhere. Dr. Ciegler and Shaun sat me down and told me what we needed to do right away to aggressively treat the infection. Although there were a few scary days for my wife and I, things got better fast. Dr. Ciegler and Shaun kept me informed of every detail, the problem, the treatment and the risks. His aggressive approach, while rather painful, resulted in me healing up fast. I cannot say enough about Dr. Ciegler and his team. They are great communicators, caring and professional. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for orthopodic work. They are simply the best!