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April 5, 2019

Heidi H.

As the story goes, file this one under "pretty unbelievable!" I was scheduled for a spinal injection at 11:00am. The evening before, around 9:00pm, my index finger felt very swollen, hot, and stiff. Assuming I jammed it or did damage, it was significant enough I asked to be seen at Orthopedic Urgent Care. I was quickly shown to an internal exam room and quickly seen by a PA, Jen. She felt very strongly that Dr. Meyer be called even though he wasn't scheduled to be in Woodbury or in clinic anywhere that day. X-rays were negative but with the swelling impacting me as much as it was (pain was around 8-9), clearly something would have to happen for the pain to relent. Dr. Meyer came into the clinic and I saw a lot of concern on his face. 3 years earlier Dr. Meyer removed a Schwannoma, a nerve bundle tumor, from that index finger, with the procedure leaving me with very thin and easily scraped open skin that bleeds significantly. My finger was swollen to the point that I wondered if that skin wouldn't burst and bleed a lot. I was running a fever and it became evident that I would need surgery pretty quickly to relieve the pressure and lessen the pain. Jen and Dr. Meyer quickly made arrangements for me to have emergency surgery that afternoon at High Pointe surgical center; where I'd been just 3 weeks earlier for left thumb CMC joint repair and left shoulder acromioplasty, bursectomy, and coracoacromial work by Dr. Meyer. I drove over to High Pointe surgical center and was prepped for surgery. The staff noted I did not have a driver and when Dr. Meyer came in to talk to me, we discussed having the surgery with local anesthesia vs. general with a block. Both Jen and Dr. Meyer said that one of the two of them would drive me home. Surgery proceeded and before long, I was in recovery. Dr. Meyer drove me home around 4:30pm. Who does that? Dr. Meyer! That's who. He came in on his day off to look at a sore finger, performed surgery, and delivered the patient home. Thanks also to to his wife who came to my house to pick him up. My story continues! It was shortly before 5:00 and the phone rang. It was Jen & Lanae on his team calling to see how I was doing! I am moved to tears with the kindness everyone showed. Every single person I interacted with that day had my best interests at heart. Kudos also to the wonderful staff at TCO and High Point Surgery Center. I'm sure my case was a rare disruption to their Friday afternoon, where surgeries were already completed and patients were almost all gone. I never felt like they saw me as a delay in leaving at the end of a week. They were all wonderful, professional, friendly, concerned, and courteous, and I never once felt like I was an intrusion.