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July 16, 2020

Janelle H.

THIS doctor is the REAL DEAL. No “snake oil promises”, Dr. Asp gives you the entire truth and does the VERY BEST WORK. No long waits, no rushing out the door (or worse has his hand on the doorknob when talking to you). He takes time to answer questions, his staff is cheerful and accommodating. NOT TO MENTION THE STAFF AT THE MAPLE GROVE SURGERY CENTER IS THE BOMB!! I had one knee replaced by a doctor who retired by the time I needed the other one done. I selected a surgeon that was recommended by my PCP and had my knee replaced. For 2 years, I was plagued with pain, and it steadily got worse. Two other doctors said they wouldn’t touch it because they didn’t do the original surgery. He looked at everything it might possibly be and suggested arthroscopy that he has had much success with. (God, I hope I spelled that right). Anyhow, 2 days afterwards, I was walking with no pain, no cane, and did not even need drugs for pain, Tylenol is all I used. I must HIGHLY SUGGEST YOU MAKE AN APPOINTMENT WITH HIM. He under-promises, and OVER delivers. He is caring, efficient, and highly skilled! He is not a salesman, he is a surgeon who is gifted and treats his patients as he would want to be treated.