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March 8, 2017

Jason S.

I had a catastrophic back injury in 2005 from a work related accident where my L5-S1 disk was destroyed.  I tried every single treatment imaginable in order to avoid surgery.  I tried therapies ranging from bio-electric therapy to injections to traction to core strengthening.  None of that worked.  Strength wasn't my issue either.  I was in massive pain for a year where it felt like I had a screwdriver stuck into my spine and someone would occasionally twist it.  I visited Dr. Holte and he knew exactly what needed to be done.  His calm and professional demeanor put me at ease.  Dr. Holte did a L5-S1 fusion where he went in through my stomach (thus avoiding cutting the smaller muscles in my back) and he fused my spine from the front.  My family said that during my recovery from surgery he spent time with them and answered every question they had as well and put them at ease.  I awoke from my surgery and never had a hint of back pain since.  It has been over a decade since Dr. Holte fixed my spine and I haven't ever had a pain in my back.  Nor have I had any issues with any other parts of my back.  In addition, outside of having to sit down sideways to tie my shoes because my spine is fused, I have not had my quality of life diminished at all.  In fact, I golf, hunt, fish, play sports and am active with my 10 year old daughter and 15 year old boy that I mentor.  Basically I have no limitations on what I can do in life.  Dr. Holte did an amazing job with my back and his expertise and professionalism with my family was greatly appreciated.  Anyone considering having anything done with their back would be wise to see Dr. Holte first.  I literally would trust him with my life and future as he should he was more than capable of looking after mine a decade ago. testimonial jason skoog deer hunting