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September 8, 2020

Jean E.

In high school, I was hit by a car and ended up breaking my leg. As the decades rolled on this affected my ankle, as I had zero cartilage left. I was in incredible pain for a few years and that’s when I was referred to Dr. Coetzee. I could barely walk and my whole body throbbed even though I took pain medication to sleep. I couldn't sleep or live without constant pain. Luckily, Dr. Coetzee and his top notch P.A., Larry, informed me that I was a candidate for an ankle replacement. I thought surely his P.A. must live at the hospital. He checked on me during the early morning hours and the late night hours. He corrected a nurse who had stuck an IV into my hand wrong. He made sure that insurance covered what I needed. He is a top notch P.A. Shortly after surgery, I realized that I was already in a lot less pain. After a short time post-op, I quit all pain meds. It was a very long recovery until I actually walked but I had a knee scooter which really helped me. We went on a trip 4 months later and I still needed a cane. However, after 8-9 months, I walked normally (I don't run) and I could hike. One year later, I hiked Diamond Head in Oahu. We have many wonderful trips the past 6 years and my pain has been minimal. Thank you for giving me my life back again and letting me enjoy my retirement years. Even senior citizen trips require walking and there is so much that I could not have participated in. I was at a point in my life that I really couldn't imagine anything other than pain in my life. I am SO GRATEFUL! Unfortunately, I have just been diagnosed with an aggressive breast cancer but I am still walking at least 3 miles a day except on my chemo days. You have allowed me to enjoy the past 6 and a half years. Thank you SO MUCH!