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November 19, 2019

Joe W.

I had a bad fall on the ice last January and completely tore my right supraspinatus from the bone, as well as a 1/2 tear on the infraspinaus and a 1/4 tear on the teresminor muscle. I was also told that my bicep had a tear and the bicep tendon was off the pully. I was devastated, as I have a physical job mitigating homes and after the fall my arm was useless. I searched the internet for the best orthopedic doctor in the area and Dr. Frank Norberg came up on top of the list. The day I met Dr. Norberg, he asked me if I could raise my arm and I couldn’t lift my arm one inch. I knew what I had was a total train wreck so I just said “Doc, I am not giving you much to work with, so do what you can”. I had the surgery on February 5th and remarkably I went back to work June 10th, just 4 months later. Today is November 13th and I had my last appointment with Dr. Norberg. I have 95% range of motion back and full strength and use of my arm. My wife and I will be forever grateful to Dr. Norberg for restoring the full use of my arm. One always hopes but I never really expected the surgery to turn out this good. Thank you Dr. Norberg - you are the best!!! - Joe W.