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December 24, 2019

Kirsten M.

After months of pain from lifting a sofa while moving and hearing a "pop" and feeling immediate weakness in my shoulder, I sought out Dr. Hartman, who had done numerous shoulder surgeries on parents of students whom I teach (mainly torn rotator cuff). I suspected a rotator cuff injury, but Dr. Hartman ordered an MRI and diagnosed a labrum tear. He prescribed physical therapy and my PT was fantastic! I attended every appointment, faithfully did my exercises at home and worked through the pain (yes, there were tears, but I was motivated to have as much use of my shoulder as possible!). After I "graduated" from PT, I continued to lift very light weights and use stretchy bands that my PT suggested at LifeTime Fitness. Years later, I still have NO problems with my shoulder and it's just as strong as my other one! I can work out, lift weights and do Pilates without any problem. I've also learned how to protect my shoulders by carrying heavy objects in a different way so this does not occur again. Dr. Hartman combines the expertise and knowledge of being board certified with a comfortable bedside manner and treated me with respect. He gave me straightforward answers and told me what I needed to do to avoid surgery. Everything he suggested worked and I have recommended him to others!