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February 13, 2019

Laurie S.

I inherited bunions at 63 years old and was no longer sleeping at night, due to the pain of walking on them all day. I consulted with Dr. Coetzee and showed him a picture of my mom’s non-corrected bunions (to show him where I was headed). There wasn’t much more discussion and a surgery date was set. Upon my return home, my grown kids felt I would not get a good results and I might be better off living with my current feet. Three weeks later, I had a bilateral bunionectomy, as well as a bunionette surgery and a hammer toe corrected. My surgery was really pretty painless. I slept better the first night after surgery than I had slept for years. I am now 10 weeks post op, in my normal shoes, almost finished with my PT, and pretty much walking normally. I look at my new feet and can’t believe they are mine. They might not look gorgeous to you, but they are beautiful to me. I thank my friend for recommending Dr. Coetzee!