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June 28, 2019

Lisa G.

I opted for the relatively new Tenex Procedure with Dr. Norberg, and I am SO happy I did! The calcified deposit in my shoulder was so large I had trouble just doing routine tasks...and/or moving a stick shift car into reverse. This procedure was much less invasive than traditional shoulder surgery and I was awake & intrigued during the 30 minute procedure! I watched the ultrasound as the doctor used a machine to basically suck out the bulk of the deposit (after numbing the area). I went to brunch at Perkins after the procedure, and after a couple days with shoulder pain, I was on my way to PT and getting my mobility back! Less than three months later I was lifting heavy boxes and moving without noticing any difficulties with my shoulder. I highly recommend this procedure if it seems workable for the situation and I recommend Dr. Norberg! Thanks so much!