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October 16, 2019

Lon C.

Pain free and a wider range of motion. That was my goal when I had two reverse shoulder joint replacements with Dr. Frank Norberg, followed by physical therapy at TCO. The first surgery for my left shoulder in 2016 left me with no more pain and more strength and mobility. It was such a success that I had the same operation on my right shoulder with Dr. Norberg in 2018. Over a year later, it too is pain free and giving me an extended range of motion. I just had my one year check-up for the right and my three year check-up for the left. Everything is A-OK, thanks to Dr. Norberg and his staff. I can even shoot hoops with my grandson! Since I don't have a 3rd shoulder, I'm confident I won't have any more shoulder issues. I highly recommend Dr. Norberg and his staff.