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December 13, 2018

Marilyn P.

In the fall of '17, I fell on my right shoulder and really ripped my right rotator cuff. The arm and shoulder barely moved and when I tried to use it there was intense pain. Saw Dr. Norberg and, at first, he suggested a reverse shoulder. I felt kind of iffy about that so he suggested the SCR (Superior Capsular Reconstruction) which was a fairly new procedure. Dr. Norberg was a miracle worker. November 12th I had surgery and a little more than a year later I have no pain, great flexibility and strength. I need to work on that a bit more. Almost painless, and I'm a big baby, from the beginning. Dr. Norberg is encouraging, upbeat and has a sense of fun which doesn't mean he can't be serious. I am so impressed with this man's skills. And even though I am 72, the man never treated me as if I was old. I cannot recommend him enough if you want the SCR surgery. He has a terrific PA, also.