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July 2, 2015

Marlene O.

I had my left hip replaced in 2000 with the posterior type surgery. I had difficulty walking (with a very noticeable limp which caused a lot of back pain even after many weeks of therapy.) When my right hip became painful, I was afraid to go through such misery again even though I couldn't walk more than a few minutes without sitting down. I heard of the less invasive anterior hip approach by accident and was very leery of it until I met Dr. O'Neill. His attitude gave me such confidence that he could correct my limp. I am so thankful that I met him. My surgery was on July 2, 2015 and I came home on July 4th. There wasn't any need for even a cane after the second week. Now there is absolutely no back pain or limp for the first time in many years. None of my acquaintances could believe that I even had the surgery when they saw me after the second week. It is truly a miracle for me and there aren't enough words to describe my admiration for Dr. O'Neill and the capabilities for him and his staff.