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January 14, 2020

Marvin M.

I first heard of Dr. Deal through a friend of mine, I was getting treatment in Mankato and I wanted a second opinion. My friend suggested Dr. Deal so my wife contacted his care coordinator, Allyssa, and she said if we could get my records to them by Monday she would be able to schedule an appointment that same day! I jumped at the chance, after two weeks of treatments that weren't giving me any relief, Dr. Deal looked at my MRI and suggested surgery. I scheduled surgery for the first open date that I could. The surgery was a little more complicated than first thought but they were able to fix the problem that was causing all the pain. In two days I was able to move around almost pain free. I was just so pleased with his bedside manner and his P.A., Nate Schalmo, was just as courteous, answering my questions and concerns. Each follow up appointment was like the first, very in-tune to my questions and concerns. Today was my last follow up (3 months) appointment and I couldn't be more pleased with the results. I am virtually pain free! Thank you Dr. Deal and your entire team, I don't believe I could have gotten better care anywhere else. Thanks again, M. M.