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May 27, 2016

Mike D.

I should have written this sooner. It has been almost a year since my hip replacement surgery and I just wanted to say that Dr. Brian O’Neill did an amazing job. His type of hip replacement (anterior approach) is less invasive and thus, I felt, contributed to a quicker recovery time for me. 3-4 hours after surgery I took a short walk with a walker. I was discharged the next day after my physical therapy and went home using only a cane. I took just two weeks off of work (my decision) and was walking without my cane the second day of work. My hip has been great ever since. I am able to walk 18 holes of golf and couldn’t do that before surgery. Before my decision to have hip surgery I was a 62 year-old man walking like a 92 year-old and now I feel as good as new and often wonder why I waited so long. I also wanted to mention that his coordinator Bethany and all the staff and nurses at Maple Grove Hospital were fantastic. It was a pleasant experience. In all I highly recommend Dr. O’Neill, his staff, and Maple Grove Hospital.