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April 9, 2019

Paige P.

My story began in May of 2018. I was warming up for a softball game, but my shoulder just didn’t feel right. Even though I could tell that something was wrong, I still pitched the game. A few days later, I went to the field to work on my pitching, but this time I really felt something happen to my shoulder. Although I was in a lot of pain, I still worked on my pitching. After a few days of being in a lot of pain, I went to the doctor. The doctor guessed that I had tendinitis and referred me to a physical therapist. After a few weeks at physical therapy, I wasn’t feeling any improvement so I went to Twin Cities Orthopedics. The doctor told me to take Aleve regularly and to rest my shoulder. Because the Aleve didn’t give me any relief, the doctor prescribed me some steroids which also didn’t work. Both of the doctors that I saw and my physical therapist all thought that nothing would show up on an MRI, but we had one done anyways. When my results came back, I found out that my labrum was torn and I had some bad bursitis. After my MRI, I had to take a break from all activities using my shoulder so it could heal. I continued to go to physical therapy, but I still wasn’t seeing any improvement. Through the rest of the summer and into the fall I had two more MRIs, three cortisone shots, even more physical therapy, an EMG, X-rays, chiropractor appointments, many doctor appointments, and lots of ibuprofen and Aleve. Even doing daily chores, such as the dishes or even brushing my hair, would cause my shoulder hurt. I love sports so much, but during my volleyball and basketball season I had to sit out so many times because of my shoulder. At this point, all I could think of was if I would be able to play softball this spring. At the end of January I went to go see Dr. Weiss and he referred me to an amazing physical therapist, Mitch Kary. After two months of going to physical therapy with Mitch, he changed my life so much. I also saw Lisa Richardson, who helped me with my pitching mechanics to minimize the chance of getting hurt while pitching. Mitch was the only person that thought that I would be able to pitch this spring, and now I am. Last night, April 8, was my first softball game of the year and I started as the varsity pitcher as a freshman. I am so grateful for everyone at TCO who helped me with my journey! Thank you for pushing me to try physical therapy for a third round. I guess the third time really is a charm.