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July 11, 2016

Patricia C.

My right hip had been degenerating for several years. I had little pain for most of that time. My range of motion, though, was impacted, eventually contributing to a pronounced limp and a left lumbar disk herniation. I spent part of a year in a wheelchair, and then a walker and cane. I researched my surgery as I addressed the herniation with Dr. David Holte at Twin Cities Orthopedics.

Dr. O'Neill's name came up prominently in my internet searches and referrals for anterior hip replacement surgery. Dr. Holte also recommended him. By the time I came into the office, I was sure that Dr. O'Neill was the right surgeon. To my pleasant surprise though, the benefits were even greater. The EXCEL Program addressed so many of my needs and concerns.

I am now seven months beyond surgery. I returned to work after two months. I continued home and clinical rehabilitation which has allowed me to exercise again - moderate walks, light weights, stretching, and the treadmill. Many people have commented on my recovery after seeing me so disabled for a year.

Thank you, Dr. O'Neill and EXCEL Program for an excellent process and outcome.