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September 30, 2019

Patty J.

I am so excited to express to your staff how pleased I am with the remarkable service I received from everyone in your office on July 31st 2019. From the front desk people to the surgical nurses, to the doctor's assistants (you, Lisa, of course played an integral part in all of this) to Dr. Larry and Dr. Coetzee himself. I am so impressed. I had bunion surgery and from the moment I arrived the day of surgery until my grandson picked me up, every second I spent in the surgery center was absolutely pleasant. I wasn’t a bit concerned or worried about pain or the bad effects that anesthesia can cause. It went so fast I was amazed. I had a speedy recovery - walking in 3 days, driving in 5 days, jet-skiing in 11 days (not kidding) and motorcycle riding in 2 weeks. I am now back to work 5 weeks later, in retail, on my feet all day long. No pain or problems. I never could have expected such a wonderful experience. I healed quickly and barely have a scar. Thank you all so very much for my wonderful experience with you. I will refer all my friends and family to you. Love you guys. Sincerely, Patty J.