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December 10, 2019

Paul L.

To the entire staff at TCO, It is difficult for me to even know how to completely describe the incredible experience I had at TCO during the past few months. Let me start with the facts. I have had a problem with my left knee for about 15 years, ever since a mountain bike accident caused a small stick to penetrate and damage my knee.  This somewhat minor accident caused arthritis to develop. A few years later I had two arthroscopic surgeries to remove pieces and shape my meniscus. This helped but years later the arthritis continued to advance. My first consultation with Dr. Christopher Meyer at this point put me on a path to relieve the pain for several more years.  Of course, we knew at some point a knee replacement would become necessary. We arrived at that point this fall. From the time that Dr. Meyer recommended the replacement to today (8 weeks post surgery) my experience has been nothing but extraordinary. I cannot think of a better customer service experience in my lifetime! The care and attention I have received at every level has been amazing! There has not been a moment during this process that I didn’t feel completely cared for. The folks at the surgery center were amazing, everything was explained in ways that I completely understood and my concerns were listened to and addressed. The aftercare following surgery made me feel very encouraged and comfortable. I never felt like I was being rushed out and I felt like those attending to me considered me important. Then, I went to Aurora for the rest of the day and one night. Oh, my gosh! I literally felt like I was the only patient there. But it was more than just the care and attention. The staff was friendly and, again, they never seemed rushed. I appreciated the time they took to have conversation with me and just be available. They took the time to listen to how I was doing and remembered things like I REALLY like my coffee and accommodated me on some of those little things that make you feel so at home. I have to drop a big thank you to Rachel! I know there were others but I don’t remember all the names. Sorry! The follow-up has also been amazing! I’ve gotten timely calls to make sure I was doing ok and to ask if I needed anything. Also, Sommer has been wonderful in answering all my questions and making sure I have everything I need. Then, it was on to TCO Burnsville for physical therapy and Alissa has also been amazing. Once again, she listened to all the little nuances of how my knee is doing and how I was feeling each time I went there. She has been encouraging every time and each time I left facility I felt like I knew exactly what I needed to do to keep progressing. If I could think of one thing you could improve on, I would tell you.  But… I can’t think of one thing! I truly wish I could remember the names of all the people who attended to me throughout this process but I can’t. Just know that every one of them should be commended because EVERY ONE of them did a great job! Dr. Meyer, Sommer, the folks at the check-in desks, the nurses, the attendants, the anesthesiologist, the aftercare folks, Rachel, Alissa…every one of them.