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February 5, 2016

Shelby H.

My AMAZING experience started from scheduling my appointment via phone with her staff. They had her booked until Thursday, a whole week out, but they were aware of my pain and urgency and got me in the next morning to see her to get my knee checked out. I arrived to my appointment the next day 50 minutes early which I let the staff at the front know I was early and no worries. I no more than sat down after doing my paperwork and out comes a lady to take me back already! I was shocked! I got into the room, explained everything and they started taking images right away! The flow was going amazing, each person super friendly and service crazy good! I finished images and took me back to my room which not much longer in pops Dr. Saterbak and her assistant! I was again shocked, as most places I am used to waiting forever in the room for the Dr. She did her exams and tests and she re-sorted her whole schedule out to fit me to go get an MRI right away this morning and find out today the results with her shuffling surgery and other patients and me to get everything done hopefully by 2pm today. I was super thrilled and agreed of course. I got approved for my MRI in less then a minute, got walked down there by a super friendly staff member and paperwork completed right away. After that, I was greeted by an awesome, friendly MRI technician! He went through everything with me, locked my stuff up and made me comfortable and it went super fast! When finished, he helped me up and walked me back down to Dr. Saterbak's unit to be seen right away! I was planning to see her around 1:30pm and it was around 9:30am and I already had images, test, MRI and results ready to be told to me!! I was blown away by the speed and efficiency to make this go so smoothly! I got the results and scheduled surgery right away. All I can say is, I won't recommend anywhere else, nor anyone else! This place actually made me feel at ease and comfortable which is hard to find places like this, but I found mine! I couldn't say enough about the staff there and doctor. They were superb. Hand offs to each other were so smooth and friendly and they are true experts at what they do! The doctor, she is amazing and super knowledgeable supported with an expert team! I am truly happy and blessed to have been so lucky to find her. I will recommend everyone here and share my wonderful experience with everyone! Thank you all!!