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February 21, 2021

Susan B.

A friend referred me to Dr. Owen O'Neill when I learned that I would need a hip replacement and I'm so glad he did. Dr. O'Neill and his whole team made my experience an extremely good one. I had my surgery 2 months ago and I am now pain-free! Prior to my surgery, standing up was so painful that I had to wait a few seconds before I could walk. I am a pretty active person and I thought it was just a muscular issue so I tried to ignore the pain and just stretch all of the time. Now it is a different story. I finally have no pain and can walk without a limp. For the winter, I brought my road bike inside and put it on a trainer. I ride every day and can't wait for nice weather to come back around! My recovery went so well that I went back to work part-time in 2 weeks after the surgery! I was first told by another surgeon about a posterior method to replace my hip. He said it would be a 6-week recovery. I would definitely recommend Dr. O'Neill to others and the Anterior Hip Replacement Surgery that he does. In fact, I already have. My family and friends are amazed by my recovery. I am a Dental Hygienist and my patients can’t believe I just had my hip replaced. Thank you so much to Dr. O'Neill and his whole team for taking such good care of me!