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March 29, 2019

Tim K.

My story starts in late November 2018 when I was diagnosed with a very fast moving cancer. Within a week, I was in surgery to have the tumor removed. After some consideration I was signed up for another surgery to remove all the lymph nodes in my right leg. This surgery left me with a whopping case of lymphedema. My right leg was twice the size of my left leg and that was on a good day. Once I had healed from the two surgeries, it was time for rehab. I elected to go to Twin Cities Orthopedics because I had dealt with them in the past with both of my shoulders and had a very good experience both times. My first day of therapy I was quite anxious, nervous and worried. Having added a few pounds during my 10 weeks of bed rest while healing, I was also very self-conscious. I was greeted by a young, smiling and very friendly gal at the reception desk who took my information and asked me to be seated. Shortly after that a very bubbly, warm, smiling gal walks up to me and introduces herself. “I’m Sue, nice to meet you, let's go this way”. This started what is so far the best interaction with medical staff I have ever witnessed. The thorough explanation of every step of the procedure, the expectations, the time line. Everything methodically laid out so I could understand the battle WE, not just me, were up against with this lymphedema. How great it felt that we were going at this as a team! Over the first 4 weeks so far we have made great improvement to the point now I have full use of my leg and it seems as normal as before the surgery. Sue has obviously taken her trade very seriously, she is extremely knowledgeable and very willing to share all she can to make the patient understand exactly what is going on. She is very professional, very courteous, upbeat, and her happy go lucky personality is very special. I have yet to leave a therapy session without a big smile on my face! She even took the time to sew a special customized patch for my scar to make it heal faster under the wrap on my leg. Little things like that are huge indicators that Sue is not just working with me in her office, but thinking of better ways to help healing even when I am not there. She doesn’t just shut me off when I walk out the door. I really want to thank you Susan Anderson for being the greatest therapist you could possibly be and for helping me through a tough time. Your bubbly personality will keep me smiling every time I think of you!!