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February 17, 2017

Vicki C.

In 2013 I was seeing a physical therapist to help me with pain I had in both knees, I was using a cane to walk. It became obvious that therapy was not helping my knee pain. So my physical therapist advised that I get a referral to have Dr. Andrea Saterbak see me. Her recommendation was based on her personal experience with post-surgical patients of Dr. Saterbak that became her PT clients. She noticed that these particular clients seemed to have less post-surgical issues and seemed to respond better and quicker to therapy than some of her other clients. I felt very encouraged by her recommendation that I was going to see a good orthopedic surgeon. My initial consultation visit was a good experience. The clinic (Lake Elmo) was very nice and the staff extremely friendly. X-rays of both knees were completed quickly and Dr. Saterbak came into my room in just a matter of minutes and introduced herself. What impressed me immediately about Dr. Andrea Saterbak was her humble confidence. Dr. Saterbak went over the x-rays with me by explaining what I was seeing in the x-ray (bone-on-bone) and how that equated to the knee pain I was experiencing. Knee replacement was her recommendation and how the surgery would give me back quality of life, however, I was not ready at that time to do the deed. Dr. Saterbak patiently listened to my hesitations and fears about surgery and did not pressure me in the slightest to get the surgery done. What she advised was several rounds of cortisone shots in each knee to help with pain while I took the time I needed to decide when I would have the knee surgeries. Dana Kaufman, physician assistant, would give me the cortisone shots when I needed them and at every visit she would patiently answer any knee replacement questions I had and listen to my fears regarding surgery. She was kind, caring and encouraging, and always gave me something to think about after my visit. Dana is awesome! It took me 3 yrs. to finally decide it was time to do the surgeries. At my last cortisone shot, I told Dana to make a surgery date and I will never forget her response. When she realized that I was serious, she jumped off her chair and found Dr. Saterbak. When Dr. Saterbak came into the room, BOTH of them were so happy that it was finally going to happen! May 15, 2016, was my first knee replacement, followed by my second knee replacement September 22, 2016. Dr. Saterbak and Dana Kaufman are the BEST surgical team you could ever hope for. The surgeries went very well, my recoveries went extremely well and Dr. Satebak and Dana were with me every step of the way. Woodwinds hospital was where I had both knee replacements done. Everyone at Woodwinds were just fantastic, the entire knee replacement experience was wonderful. Words cannot express my deep appreciation for Dana Kaufman and Dr. Andrea Saterbak and what they have done for me. They are an AWESOME surgical dream team and I would recommend them (and have!) in a heartbeat to anyone contemplating knee replacement for themselves or loved ones!