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October 3, 2016

Arlene L.

After several months with pain in my left knee, my doctor gave me the name of Dr. Erik Peterson. An X-ray showed arthritis with swelling around the knee area. Dr. Peterson performed a total knee replacement August 10, 2016 at Woodwinds Hospital. After 3 days of great care, I went to stay with my daughter for 12 days of post recovery. During that time, the nurses and physical therapists came to the house. Chad Faith PH.T. assisted me with stretches, bends, and pushes to make a “sick” knee well again. While continuing to do daily exercises I soon felt well enough to move back to my apartment. Chad soon had me walking the long halls. I was without walker, without cane, and without pain. One receptionist commented that she had not seen anyone who had knee surgery who was able to walk unassisted this quickly following surgery.  The encouragement of many, the follow up by all the professional helpers, and the continued exercises with long walks give me hope that this new knee will serve me as long as my body needs it. I thank all the care givers and God for my fast recovery.