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July 21, 2017

Chris C.

I wanted to commend your providers and their excellent staff at your Elk River location. Michael Mastous and Dr. O’Keefe treated my son Liam after a break to both bones in his arm just below the wrist. Liam is a freshman at Elk River High School, and during practice, he suffered a break during a rebounding drill that we all thought would require surgery. It was about 4:00 pm when the break occurred, and I thought your Elk River location accepted walk-ins. When I arrived, the staff politely explained that this was not a walk-in clinic, but they would ask Mike if he would see Liam anyway. Fortunately, Mike and the staff agreed, knowing treating Liam would require them to stay at the office late. After the confirmation via x-ray that both bones were broken, Mike explained that surgery was 50-50 proposition, and regardless, manipulation would be required to splint the arm. Mike diligently proceeded with his staff to manipulate and mobilize the arm via splint.  They all assured Liam ( who was feeling more depressed then the pain in his arm ) that whether surgery, or, if by chance the manipulation lined the bones up properly and surgery could be avoided, that his arm would be fixed.  Upon one-week follow-up with Dr. O’Keefe, he showed us and explained that the manipulation lined up the bones perfectly, but, he didn’t want to remove the splint until more healing took place.  Dr. O’Keefe was fairly confident that surgery could be avoided. 

Surgery was avoided, and at this point in time, the cast is off and Liam is starting to dribble with his left hand. For a kid that practices no less than 2 hours a day, and loves basketball, the care your team provided was not only exemplary, it assured a young man that this was just a small bump in the road. Please extend my sincere gratitude to your fine staff at Elk River, and know that Twin Cities Orthopedics is my only recommendation for Elk River High School athletes who may suffer these types of injuries. Further, in my duties as a high school basketball, football and lacrosse officials I will communicate the fine care we personally experienced at TCO.

Chris C ( Liam’s Father )