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December 13, 2018

Dale M.

In May of 2018, I experienced some lower back pain that quickly developed into a lot of pain from my left hip to my tingling toes. After trying several different treatments from cortisone shots (2), to chiropractic visits and therapy, it became apparent that I would need to have surgery on my L4-5 to relieve the impingement that was putting pressure on my sciatic nerve from a herniated disc and foraminal narrowing (MRI terminology). Surgery was scheduled but put off until after harvest season (farmer). Dr. Rick Davis had prescribed a couple of different medications which allowed me to finish the harvest season ahead of the surgery and which worked very well…really, a life saver. My experience with Dr. Davis and his PA Brandon was exceptional! From the time I entered the clinic the morning of surgery until I left some 4 hours later to go home was amazing. Everyone was so accommodating, understanding and comforting…the surgery by Dr. Davis turned out to be 100% successful and I am once again pain free on my left side. I would definitely recommend TCO and Dr. Davis without hesitation. Just got home from my follow up appointment and had a great conversation with Brandon and Dr. Davis about the surgery and the healing process over the next several weeks. Thank you Dr. Davis, TCO and Brandon.