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June 15, 2016

Deb L.

Ten years ago, June 7, 2006, Dr. Bartie performed a spinal fusion on me. I am so grateful, as ten years later I remain pain-free. I will never forget what he told me. “Take care of your spine, do the correct exercises, stay healthy, and you will get ten plus years out of this fusion.” I remember telling him, “I am going to get twenty plus, if not life, out of this fusion!” I exercise daily and my spine and health couldn’t be better!

People tell me I am a strong woman. My husband, Larry, of 31 years died of ALS June 22, 2014. Symptoms started in 2010. Four years of watching the love of my life slowly die were the four most difficult years of my life. Spine surgery was a breeze compared to the ALS. Without Dr. Bartie being the best spine surgeon, I know I wouldn’t have been strong enough to take care of my husband and support him living with ALS. So thank you. I am forever grateful and truly blessed.