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July 9, 2019

James R.

To: Dr. Wulf and his medical team,

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all your help and support over the past year. To properly understand my gratitude, I feel it is important to explain my journey. About 20-years ago, I had two right knee meniscus repairs. Despite my attempts post-op to explain that my knee did not feel well, I was quickly quieted by the surgeon and told it would improve.

About 8-years ago, I was diagnosed with bi-lateral FAI, AIIS impingements, with labral tears. I was treated by a well-known physician at another facility. After four surgeries in two years (1 initial and 1 revision bilaterally), I was unable to walk a few blocks. Due to the pain, I became a patient at the United Hospital Pain Clinic and was given opiate pain medications. My mental health declined because I lost my identity and could not be the father to my two children in the way I envisioned. During my clinic exams, I again was silenced by the surgeon who appeared to struggle with his own hubris. I was told that my hips were repaired; at which time, I asked for a second opinion. It was at this time I became an advocate for my own healthcare and researched the best physicians for FAI and AIIS impingements by reading medical journals.

That brought me to Twin Cities Orthopedics, where I was treated by Dr. Chris Larson, who did my 3rd procedure on each hip. No longer did I feel like a number, I was treated like a person and my experience with orthopedics was immediately changed. After examining my right knee, Dr. Larson referred me to Dr. Wulf for complex knee issues.

Dr. Wulf, you exceeded my expectations and I have always felt cared for and treated with respect. Your humble confidence puts a patient at ease and is reassuring. The outcome with last year’s root repair on my left knee has been excellent. My left knee feels unbelievable and I was able to become free from opiate pain medication for the first time in 7-years. The improvement I was promised by the surgeon 20-years ago occurred this year with the meniscal allograft transplant by Dr. Wulf. In both procedures, I worked closely with Braidy and his knowledge and expertise is a great compliment to the treatment team.

Being a patient within a sports medicine provider, the road to recovery implies an athlete’s journey back to their respected sport. It’s been a long-time since I identified as an athlete, but this is my road to recovery as a father, husband, and son. You are part of my recovery journey and I received the best medical care an individual could have imagined.

Dr. Wulf, you have given two girls their father the ability to be active in their lives. You have given a wife her husband back and parents a healthy son. I have been off very strong opiate pain medication for 16-months, which is incredible with our society’s epidemic. I am pain-free and as I continue to heal; my goal is to be active and healthier thanks to you. My health has been a journey with 10 orthopedic procedures, and I have joy in my life again. My family and I are grateful for what you have given us. Dr. Wulf, words cannot express my thanks. Your care team,  including Braidy, is terrific.