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February 20, 2016

Jill H.

Dr. Bartie performed an anterior/posterior LS stabilization surgery on me in October of 2006 and while the ordeal in and of itself was something else, Dr. Bartie and his staff cared for me throughout the entire recovery and I’d recommend them based on that experience alone, much less my latest experience. Dr. Bartie completed a cervical posterior micro-disectomy at C6-C7 on the 4th of February and AGAIN he and his team knocked it out of the park. I very much felt that the team addressed all of my concerns as well as those of my family. Given my experiences with Dr. Bartie and his staff; I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend, have recommended and continue to recommend them. I feel very blessed to have been taken such good care of by an amazingly talented surgeon. I’m 46 years old and want to continue to enjoy an active lifestyle and Dr. Bartie has given me that opportunity. Thank you!