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February 23, 2018

Jimmie B.

I am a retired physician and have been having gradually worsening left shoulder pain and restrictions for over 15 years. I had 38 years in the military and noted I could not fully bring my left palm back at the parade rest position. This gradually worsened and pain started. I saw Dr. Hamilton at age 65 and she was fantastic. She had the personality of a good family doc, something that is difficult to teach in young doctors (I taught in a family practice residency for 18 years) and something that is rare in sub specialists. She was magnificent. I recently had my shoulder replaced and could not feel better. I was off of pain meds on the 3rd day post-op and my motion is nearly back to normal now at 3 months post. Pain is completely gone. I could not be more happy with Dr. Hamilton’s clinical skills and her personal skills. I felt she truly cared about my health even after I left her exam room.